Posted: March 13th, 2023

Information technology has extremely powerful effects in business and social environments. Cite one business and one social example of a virtual team or group that has used the idea of virtual teams effectively. Include why you perceive them as effective.

The use of virtual teams has become increasingly popular in the modern technological age, and can be used effectively to complete tasks within businesses and social environments. One business example of a successful virtual team is the ‘remote’ collaboration between two large technology giants: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Adobe. This partnership was formed in 2013 with the purpose of providing cloud-based services for customers (AWS, 2017). By leveraging their respective expertise in cloud computing, analytics, data visualization, digital marketing and eCommerce solutions, Amazon Web Services and Adobe have successfully created an efficient online collaboration system.

This type of virtual team enables both companies to access each other’s knowledge base while simultaneously allowing members from both organizations to collaborate remotely without geographic barriers – thus increasing productivity by pooling technical know-how from both sides (Gudipati & Singh 2019). In particular, this kind of distributed teamwork allows for faster problem resolution as well as more effective decision making processes since it eliminates the need for costly physical meetings or travel. Additionally, working together virtually also reduces expenses related to project coordination such as organization costs or human resource expenditures. These features are especially beneficial for small business operations that often require greater cost savings due to limited resources. Therefore it can be concluded that this type of remote collaboration is highly beneficial for businesses due to its flexible work environment that encourages innovation while eliminating unnecessary overhead costs.

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Information technology has extremely powerful effects in business and social environments. Cite one business and one social example of a virtual team or group that has used the idea of virtual teams effectively.

Similarly when considering social settings there are many successful examples of virtual teams being utilized effectively across multiple sectors including healthcare, education and even charitable causes like disaster relief efforts(Fernandes et al., 2020). For instance a healthcare research group called ‘Clinical Trials Network’ recently developed an online platform which connects those who wish to participate in clinical trials with researchers all over the world (CTN 2020). The network facilitates communication between participants located anywhere on the planet regardless of their location; saving time on transportation costs associated with physically attending trial sites rather than conducting them virtually through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype . Participants also benefit since they don’t have to take time away from their daily lives during periods which may involve lengthy questionnaires or complex decisions regarding health care options; thus leading to greater convenience overall . Moreover this kind of remote interaction allows researchers access vital information quickly without sacrificing quality control standards-(demonstrating how important these types of systems are becoming in terms today’s interconnected society ).

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In conclusion it is clear that using virtual groups can greatly increase efficiency when dealing with projects within business but also social contexts – specifically when compared against traditional methods where physical attendance is required at all times (Kappler & Janssen 2016). Both Amazon Web Services and Adobe have been able demonstrate how powerful distributed teams can be when collaborating remotely while Clinical Trials Network has shown us what potential lies within our current technological capabilities when applied correctly towards real world scenarios like healthcare research . Thus we see clearly why some form digital teamwork should not only encouraged but embraced ,as they provide countless benefits ranging from financial savings right through enhanced customer satisfaction levels– making them integral parts today’s rapidly advancing globalised economy.(Muller et al., 2018)

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