Posted: February 13th, 2023

In “Cathedral,” how would you describe the relationship between the narrator and his wife?

The relationship between the narrator and his wife in “Cathedral” is complicated, yet tender. It is clear that the two share a strong bond of love and understanding, but there is also an underlying tension that has resulted from their lack of communication. The narrator’s wife has been particularly keen to make her husband understand her point of view on certain issues, while he remains aloof and distant in response. As we learn more about the couple through their conversations and interactions, it becomes apparent that they have grown apart over time due to a combination of suppressed feelings and different life experiences.

In “Cathedral,” how would you describe the relationship between the narrator and his wife?

At first glance, it appears as though the narrators’ marriage lacks any spark or passion; this could be attributed to his distanced attitude towards his wife as well as his own personal insecurities at being judged by society for having such a close connection with someone outside of marital bounds. Despite this emotionally charged disconnection between them, they are still able to show each other kindness when needed – especially during moments where one partner needs support or comfort from the other. This is exemplified when we see how the narrator’s wife reacts positively to him opening up about his thoughts on religion and faith – something which he had previously kept hidden away out of fear judgment or criticism.

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As their conversation progresses further into the night, we begin to witness a gradual shift in dynamics between them: firstly it begins with them addressing each other using pet names instead of formal titles before eventually transitioning into more meaningful forms of dialogue such as discussing past memories together (e.g., “Remember when…”). This reveals an unspoken level of intimacy between them which implies that underneath all those years of silence lies some kindling affection which could be re-ignited if both partners were willing to invest in strengthening their relationship again – something which both characters seem hesitant about doing until much later in story after grappling with uncomfortable truths about themselves within its narrative arc .

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Ultimately then, despite whatever tensions may exist between narrator and his wife throughout “Cathedral” – either due misunderstandings or discomfort – there seems to be a mutual understanding present between these two characters which transcends any physicality boundaries imposed upon them by society norms; indeed near its conclusion we even get glimpse into possibility what might await this couple if allowed space explore depths their heartfelt connection without judgement interference from outside world (i.e., potential drawing scene). In sum then although tumultuous at times ,the relationship portrayed here ultimately reflects true nature unconditional love shared those who truly care each other despite whatever imperfections may lie between them invariably making it one most powerful examples true companionship ever depicted literature

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