Posted: February 16th, 2023

In Author Henry Cloud’s book “integrity the courage to meet the demands of reality” 2009, in chapter 8 talks about the “Character that sees itself is usually able to self-correct.” Discuss how this concept is related to an individual’s growth, and how educators/leaders can develop this positive trait.

Having the courage to face reality and take responsibility is a key component of personal growth and self-improvement. This is highlighted in Author Henry Cloud’s book “Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality” (2009). In chapter 8, he explains that having character and being able to see oneself realistically are necessary for an individual to make progress. As such, it is essential for educators and leaders to emphasize this trait when cultivating positive growth among individuals.

This concept focuses on making an honest assessment of one’s strengths, weaknesses, motives, fears, successes and failures without becoming overly self-critical or too optimistic about potential outcomes. Through this process of thoughtful reflection, an individual can identify areas where they need improvement and devise ways to reach their goals. Without this ability to be objective with oneself, progress would be difficult as one will not be aware of what needs changing or what improvements should be made in order for them to reach their desired destination. Thus by developing character that allows someone the capacity to analyze themselves realistically they are better equipped with tools that help them become successful in achieving their goals both now and in the future.

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In Author Henry Cloud’s book “integrity the courage to meet the demands of reality” 2009, in chapter 8 talks about the “Character that sees itself is usually able to self-correct.” Discuss how this concept is related to an individual’s growth, and how educators/leaders can develop this positive trait.

Educators/leaders have a unique opportunity when it comes shaping attitudes towards change because they can provide direct guidance while also supporting student’s autonomy over their own decisions making processes. To foster development within students or employees regarding possessing character which sees itself realistically requires that these adults begin by modeling effective behaviors first before expecting others follow suit as well as providing appropriate support throughout the journey so those under them feel safe taking risks while still being accountable for any results from their actions even if those end up being negative at times . Moreover , creating opportunities for feedback from other peers who have achieved success through similar attempts can give further motivation for those just starting out on their own paths towards making changes .

Ultimately , having integrity – which involves understanding oneself honestly without distortion– will likely lead one down a path filled with more rewarding experiences since it means focusing on improving skills instead of avoiding responsibility due lack knowledge about how things truly stand . That said , it is important keep in mind that although having courage acknowledge reality may seem daunting initially , ultimately it provides people with more control over what happens next going forward rather than becoming overwhelmed by unmanageable issues related lack insight into true situation at hand which could prevent any meaningful progress reaching desired outcome long run . Therefore , educators/leaders play vital role instilling these values order encourage individuals make sound decisions develop characters capable realistic self evaluation thus paving way formulating strategies produce favorable results future endeavors .

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