Posted: March 14th, 2023

If so, what does the angle convey about that character’s state of mind? If not, what does it convey about the person or thing in the frame?

The angle of a shot in film can convey important information about the person or thing in the frame. For example, if a character is filmed from an up high angle it can suggest that they are small and powerless Eisenstein et al., 1949. It also connotes feelings of fear and vulnerability , as being seen “from above” traditionally implies someone looking down upon you.

If so, what does the angle convey about that character’s state of mind? If not, what does it convey about the person or thing in the frame?

Conversely , when character filmed low angle (or bird’s eye view) this suggests superiority power In addition also gives audience sense dominance over them – as if they were gods creatures thus hinting potential for greater control authority . This type perspective often used emphasize importance certain figures such villains heroes making them seem even more intimidating impressive than usual !

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It should noted however angle not only provide insight into individual’s current state mind but also give subtle hints at their past history future plans take To illustrate point let us consider famous opening scene Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II wherein Michael Corleone sat table surrounded by his loyal subordinates From camera placement viewers able get strong sense continuing strength despite being surrounded by darkness which serves reminder will continue dominate no matter who tries stand way .

In conclusion then it clear see how crucial role played conveying characters inner emotions motivations filmmakers Without proper framing element these pieces film lose much their impact become mere window dressing rather than powerful tool connecting us characters world They create set conditions allow us identify with hero villain alike understand why do things make decisions ultimately becoming part story itself !

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