Posted: March 12th, 2023

Identify three skills that Dwight and Ike left off the list and explain why they should include them.

Dwight and Ike left off some important skills that they should include in their list of leadership characteristics. These three skills are: communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Communication is a key factor for successful leaders because it allows them to effectively deliver directions and instruction, as well as receive feedback or critiques from subordinates or peers (Fee, 2019). A leader’s ability to communicate effectively can determine the success or failure of an organization. Collaboration is another valuable skill that Dwight and Ike neglected to mention in their list of leadership characteristics. In order for any organization to be successful, team members must collaborate with each other in order to share information and ideas (Chen et al., 2020). Leaders must be able to foster a culture of collaboration among their teams so that everyone can work together towards common goals.

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Identify three skills that Dwight and Ike left off the list and explain why they should include them.

Finally, problem-solving is an essential skill for any leader because without it they will not be able to effectively address complex issues or challenges (University of New Hampshire Learning Center Team, 2020). Leaders must have the ability to think analytically and strategically in order identify solutions that benefit the entire organization.

In conclusion, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving are all essential skills for effective leadership which Dwight and Ike failed to include on their list of leadership characteristics. Leaders need strong communication skills in order to effectively deliver instructions while also receiving feedback from others; they need strong collaboration skills so they can create a culture where teamwork is encouraged; finally they need strong problem solving capabilities so they can craft creative solutions when faced with difficult problems or challenges.

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