Posted: March 10th, 2023

Identify the environmental factors and changing demographics that support the current trend in age composition of the U.S

The age composition of the U.S. has changed significantly over the past few decades due to a variety of environmental factors and changing demographics. The most significant changes in the age composition are in regards to increasing life expectancy, population growth, and immigration (Kolbe et al., 2019). These three components have collectively contributed to an increase in the overall median age of Americans since 1980 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018).

One major environmental factor that affects the aging process is improving medical technology and healthcare practices in the United States (U.S Department of Health & Human Services, 2017). Advancements such as antibiotics, vaccines, better nutrition standards, improved sanitation practices and medical care have resulted in longer life spans for many individuals living within this country (Kellermann & Knickman 2011). This improvement in health care services has allowed people to live longer than ever before with increases being seen across all different types of demographic groups; consequently resulting in a much older population than what was previously experienced by Americans during earlier time periods (U.S Department of Health & Human Services 2017).

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Population growth is another major driver behind shifts occurring within American’s age composition today (Lutz et al., 2015). Despite declining birth rates among younger generations; there is still an abundance of people contributing to population growth within this country due largely to immigration patterns experienced throughout recent years (Leshkowich et al., 2014). Immigration plays a unique role not only because it introduces new cultures into our society but also because immigrants often tend to be younger on average compared with native-born citizens resulting from higher fertility levels among these populations which directly drives up both short term and long term population totals across different strata’s including those found amongst older cohorts (Goujon et al., 2016).

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Identify the environmental factors and changing demographics that support the current trend in age composition of the U.S

Changing demographics likely account for one more important aspect influencing current trends pertaining to American’s age composition today; particularly when considering values held by each generation present now or entering soon into adulthood stages throughout their lives(Choi Yoo & Kim 2017). Baby Boomers created distinct spending behaviors that drove economic activity through their peak earning years while Millennials appear eager embrace activities involving outdoor recreation while cutting back on traditional shopping experiences associated with previous eras(Zignago 2013); suggesting potential opportunities businesses may discover if they focus on accommodating emerging consumer priorities shared between both generations moving forward which appears necessary given rapidly shifting cultural norms observed today based upon growing numbers belonging various minority groups nationwide as well as acceptance surrounding same sex relationships no longer being taboo like it once was just two decades ago(Frey 2012 ) .

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In conclusion , environmental factors along with changing demographics have leaded positively towards shaping America’s current trend regarding its age composition today due primarily because improvements taking place concerning medical technologies allowing people live longer , large scale influxes of immigrants driving up overall populations numbers , and evolving values amongst successive generations desiring newer kinds activities outside typical routines practiced before leading potentially greater income potential down road if companies can figure out way best address needs everyone involved without leaving anyone left behind .

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