Posted: February 13th, 2023

Identify the changes that are recommended within U.S. policing to modernize law enforcement

In recent years, the United States has seen a rise in public outcry for greater police reform and accountability. Citizens are demanding that law enforcement become more modernized to ensure public safety and better serve their communities. The following are some of the changes being recommended within U.S. policing to modernize law enforcement:

1. Police Training: One of the most important changes necessary to modernize U.S. policing is improved police training with an emphasis on de-escalation tactics and implicit bias recognition/reduction techniques. This would involve providing officers with additional education about how to appropriately respond in various situations, as well as introducing sensitivity training courses which would help them better understand cultural awareness and implicit biases that may affect their decisions when dealing with individuals from different backgrounds or cultures.

2. Increased Use of Technology: There has been a call for increased use of technology among officers to aid in both crime prevention and data collection efforts across departments nationwide; including body cameras, gunshot detection systems, license plate readers (LPRs), facial recognition software, predictive analytics programs, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), etcetera could be used by police forces today to improve officer performance while simultaneously providing greater oversight into potential misconduct or abuse of power incidents occurring during patrols or arrests made by individual officers that may have gone unnoticed before these technologies became available on such a widespread basis..

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3 Community Policing Strategies: Community oriented policing strategies should also be implemented within departments across the nation; this involves encouraging officers to interact with members of the community they are assigned too in order for them build trust between civilians and law enforcement personnel . Officers should reach out regularly at local events like town halls or community centers so they can listen directly from citizens what issues concern them most so initiatives can be created together that provide real solutions tailored specifically toward solving those problems unique to each particular neighborhood rather than relying solely on blanket-style approaches not suited for every location around America’s many diverse societies which often times could lead up overpolicing certain areas just because its “the easier thing do” instead addressing underlying systemic issues related poor quality housing conditions leading residents vulnerable criminal activities due poverty levels etcetera

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Identify the changes that are recommended within U.S. policing to modernize law enforcement

4 Reforming Laws Around Qualified Immunity: Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine created by courts allowing government officials like police officers who acted reasonably but mistakenly thought their actions were lawful protections against lawsuits brought forward alleging civil rights violations However some advocates argue qualified immunity should no longer exist since it allows bad actors within agencies get away wrongdoing without repercussions even if victims suffer harm As result several reforms being proposed such abolishing qualified immunity completely narrowing down types cases where it applies increasing transparency when granting relief under statute amongst other measures all designed reduce number instances people getting away acts constitute abuse authority

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5 Improving Officer Mental Health Support Services : Lastly one last change needed modernize US policing system overall improving access mental health care services dedicated specifically assisting first responders handle work related stress prolonged trauma These resources will empower frontline workers cope difficult situations life threatening emergencies more effectively while also giving outlets expressing personal concerns safely address any struggles they experience themselves outside department environment All these changes combined ultimately aim create safer environments cities towns across country along fostering stronger relationships between citizens policing teams doing right things keep everyone safe

Overall these five recommendations upon implementation form crucial basis successful transformation process achieve much needed modernization American law enforcement

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