Posted: February 16th, 2023

Identify how art contributes to happiness, reduction of stress, and increased morale in the workplace while synthesizing these elements within personal and professional life.

The workplace is a place where many people spend the majority of their days, so it stands to reason that having a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace can have a vast positive impact on both personal and professional life. Art has been found to contribute significantly to increasing happiness, reducing stress levels, and boosting morale among workers when incorporated into the work environment. From providing visual pleasure to inspiring creative thinking and collaboration, art has tangible benefits that make an undeniable impact on productivity and overall quality of life in the workplace.

On a basic level, artwork can act as an aesthetic enhancer for any office space. Good design in general helps create a sense of order and comfort while also helping workers feel better about their surroundings; this is especially true of art specifically chosen to reflect company values or aesthetics. The presence of appealing images not only improves moods but also helps spark creativity – something essential for problem solving in the corporate world. If employees are familiar with the artwork displayed at their workspace, it can become part of their daily routine; seeing common objects each day tends to reduce stress due to familiarity which leads to emotional stability (Matsumoto et al., 2016).

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With regards to innovation within teams or groups, research shows that involving art-based activities such as drawing can improve communication between members as well as spur new ideas (Luz & Carvalho, 2016). Additionally painting provides opportunities for increased expression while allowing individuals who may be uncomfortable speaking up within large groups an alternative avenue towards conveying thoughts (Reedy & Hubertz-Krieder , 2018). Having these tools available can help foster camaraderie amongst team members by creating bonds through shared experiences while allowing everyone equal opportunity for input regardless of rank or position within an organization; this sense loyalty contributes further increases employee satisfaction which translates into improved performance (Richerme & Tuckman 2012).

Identify how art contributes to happiness, reduction of stress, and increased morale in the workplace while synthesizing these elements within personal and professional life.

In terms of boosting morale over time, workspaces filled with meaningful artwork serve continuously motivate employees by keeping them inspired throughout long hours spent on tasks (Bender et al., 2015) . It’s important however that any artwork selected reflects positively upon its viewers: imagery should be uplifting but not distracting from work or overly sentimental since too much sentimentality could potentially lead negative emotions if taken too far out context(Gardner , 2010). Once again viewing familiar pieces every day will also aid in promoting workplace well being; studies have linked greater job satisfaction with workspaces featuring decorations such comforting nature scenes or landscapes which remind occupants about home environments (Hanawa et al., 2017).

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At lastly looking beyond just physical effects art offers psychological benefits which extend outside office walls: appreciation for artistic expression requires patience thoughtfulness which are traits than often carryover into personal lives helping adults reach zen states more easily during leisure hours outside work(Flannery 2013 ). Through appreciation comes understanding meaning those who learn how appreciate various forms including music sculpture photography etcetera tend become more open minded towards others beliefs cultures lifestyles etcetera leading ultimately greater peace mind general(Hryciw&Sturm 2009 ) .

In conclusion there numerous ways incorporating into workspce boost quality life overall add value countless aspects lives both personal professional ; whether enhance stmosphere inspire creativity increase motivation cultivate respect empathy beyond challenge think critically all translated higher level engagement productivity greater levels contentment overall heightened well being derived exposure form itself makes major contribution healthiness happy productive environment .

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