Posted: March 10th, 2023

Identify and describe two intervention strategies, per Big 5 component, for struggling readers.

Struggling readers are those who have difficulty reading and comprehending material. They may have trouble with one or more of the “Big Five” components of reading, including phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary development, text comprehension, and writing. For struggling readers to improve their reading skills, intervention strategies must focus on each of these components separately (Wolfe & Schreiber-Held 2020). Through proper guidance from parents and teachers at home and in school settings respectively, struggling readers can be helped to better understand the material that they are presented with.

The first component is phonemic awareness which is a child’s ability to identify individual sounds within words (Wolfe & Schreiber-Held 2020). A strategy for helping improve this skill is called rhyming games. This game involves parent providing children with a word such as ‘cat’ and then asking them what other words rhyme with it; such as ‘bat’ or ‘fat’ (Gubitosi et al., 2017). Other activities involve breaking down words into syllables or sounding out unfamiliar words. These activities help children become more aware of how words sound when spoken aloud so they can better identify sounds within them when encountered in written form.

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For fluency improvement another strategy that can be employed at home is repeated practice sessions where students read passages multiple times while being timed (Mowrer et al., 2013). During these sessions students should focus on expressing the passage clearly rather than attempting to comprehend it completely during each pass through the text. Additionally during the session pauses should be taken for reflection upon certain aspects of the passage after it has been vocalized several times over. After enough repetitions students will become accustomed to pronouncing certain terms faster thus improving overall speed without sacrificing accuracy or clarity.

Identify and describe two intervention strategies, per Big 5 component, for struggling readers.

Vocabulary development can also be improved by utilizing meaningful context clues found within texts (Konopak et al., 2016). To reinforce this skill parents can divide challenging passages into smaller chunks and quiz their child about specific terms within them before continuing further with understanding general concepts related to the piece as a whole; essentially allowing some information gaps which will require guessing by synthesizing context clues found within sentences themselves instead of relying entirely upon memorization techniques (O’Connor & Jenkinson 2018). Furthermore flashcards containing definition cards associated with visually stimulating images could also be utilized at home offering an additional layer reinforcement between readings sessions outside class time if applicable .

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Finally comprehension strategies like summarization can provide insight into student’s understanding on any given topic based upon concise descriptions produced regarding its contents (Hudson 2015).. Parents can employ this method prior to having children read a particular passage by posing questions about its main points along with any supporting details rather than direct phrases verbatim from said text itself; ultimately refocusing attention away from worry over memorization requirements associated typically tests towards broader conceptual understandings concerning core ideas described therein . Following completion of assigned readings , follow up conversations between parent/child pairs discussing key takeaways concluded could similarly prove effective in solidifying knowledge gained pertaining thereto regardless type format chosen whether narrative nonfiction etcetera .

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Overall interventions need not occur exclusively academic settings alone but may benefit even further through incorporating variety exercises either via traditional book media web applications supplementary materials designed reinforce acquirement necessary skills required successful literacy career long run . With use appropriate resources persistence patience , parents shall equipped establish positive relationship consistent exposure content material conducive growth learning amongst mastering Big Five constituents relation competent readership among youths today tomorrow alike .

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