Posted: February 15th, 2023

How is each character in the ‘the English patient’ affected by the war?

Katharine Clifton: Katharine is a beautiful and intelligent British woman who is married to Geoffrey Clifton. She is deeply affected by the war and its aftermath when she begins an affair with Almasy, which leads to her death in the desert after they are caught in a sandstorm. Her death has a profound effect on both Almasy and her husband, as their shared grief brings them closer together despite their differences.

How is each character in the ‘the English patient’ affected by the war?

Geoffrey Clifton: Along with his wife, Geoffrey experiences much of the effects of war firsthand. He joins the Royal Air Force during World War II and goes missing for a long period of time before returning home safely. Despite being reunited with his wife, he struggles to come to terms with what happened and how it has changed him until he meets Almasy, whose presence helps him process his own trauma.

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Hana: Hana is an orphaned Canadian nurse working at an Italian villa as part of an Allied effort. She cares for Almasy during his stay at the villa but also deals with her own complex feelings about conflict due to having lost so many people that she loves in battle. Hana ultimately finds solace through helping others, including restoring faith in humanity by tending to wounded soldiers on all sides.

Caravaggio: Caravaggio is an eccentric art thief who was recruited into military intelligence services during WW2. His experiences as a soldier have left him emotionally scarred as well as physically disabled (he has only three fingers on one hand). Though bitter about war’s toll on him personally, Caravaggio still celebrates human creativity even amidst chaos – something that gives him hope for a brighter future despite all he has endured.

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