Posted: February 16th, 2023

How does the story of Beowulf as a hero differ from the earlier versions we have read like Achilles, Gilgamesh, or Ramayana?

The story of Beowulf as a hero is vastly different from the earlier stories we have read, such as Achilles, Gilgamesh, and Ramayana. These stories are generally more focused on the physical strength and power of their heroes, but with Beowulf it is about more than that; rather than simply relying on his brawn to achieve success, he combines courage, moral goodness and determination to defeat his foes. This sets him apart from the other figures we have encountered in these ancient tales.

Achilles was known for his unrivalled physical strength which enabled him to fight off any opponent he faced. He would take extreme risks in battle without hesitation or fear of consequence and had no qualms about using violence against those who stood in the way of victory. The same can be said for Gilgamesh whose feats were legendary due to his great physical strength combined with magical powers. He was a formidable warrior who commanded armies into battle and attained fame through numerous acts of bravery and strength. Lastly, Rama was considered an ideal man by his people due to his commitment to justice; while not physically strong like Achilles or Gilgamesh he still managed to vanquish evil forces by utilizing guile and strategy instead of brute force alone.

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Beowulf stands out among these characters because while they relied solely on their own personal strengths when facing danger or achieving victory over enemies; Beowulf requires assistance from friends at times throughout the epic poem Bearing this fact in mind makes clear that unlike other heroic protagonists before him not all victories come from within one’s self but require help from outside sources as well which shows greater humility in character compared to them . While working towards achieving goals there must also be consideration for others involved whether it’s individuals affected directly by someone’s actions or a community suffering under oppression; this is something that didn’t seem important other heroic figures like Achilles who seemed only concerned with fulfilling own desires regardless consequences .

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How does the story of Beowulf as a hero differ from the earlier versions we have read like Achilles, Gilgamesh, or Ramayana?

In addition this idea extends into underlying themes present throughout poem such values honor integrity faith loyalty trust respect One scene particular where Beowulf chooses spare life Grendel’s mother instead choosing kill her even after she kills favorite warrior Hrunting illustrates importance placed upon showing mercy despite having right revenge Furthermore when monster Grendel killed many Danes so thought dead until Beowulf arrived show some sense justice righteousness part heroic quest thus providing insight into what type cohesive society should strive towards create contrast types empires depicted prior epics such Greek Troy Sumerian Uruk Babylonian Akkadian etc where pride arrogance usually led downfall ultimately death destruction conflict

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The story of Beowulf ultimately displays how humanity depends upon others order thrive society since each person has unique set talents abilities Therefore need collective effort succeed remain safe secure from external threats conclusion then clearly establish differences between earlier versions heroes antiheroes studied comparison reveals key element heroism based mutual interdependence risk taking cooperation generosity kindness perseverance humility which found less often other works literature

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