Posted: February 16th, 2023

How does Rama demonstrate a sense of “duty” in the Ramayana?

Throughout the Ramayana, Rama exhibits a strong sense of duty. He is a role model for anyone who strives to fulfill their responsibilities with determination and dedication. Rama’s commitment to his family, his kingdom, and the greater good serve as an example of what it means to stay true to one’s ideals even when faced with great adversity.

For instance, early in the story, King Dasharatha announces that Rama will be the next ruler of Ayodhya instead of him or any other prince due to his heroic qualities. Rama acknowledges this decision without hesitation and shows an unwavering loyalty towards his father’s wishes despite knowing that it means giving up all claim on the throne himself. His refusal to pursue power demonstrates how deeply he values honor above material gains and serves as a reminder for readers about fulfilling our duties even if we don’t receive anything in return.

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Rama also displays his sense of responsibility when he is sent into exile by Kaikeyi at Dasharatha’s behest because Queen Kaikeyi had asked two boons from her husband which were granted in exchange for her help during one of Dasharatha’s battles-one boon was that her son Bharata should replace Rama as king;the second being that Rama should go into exile for fourteen years in forests near Ayodhya so Bharata could ascend peacefully on throne . Despite feeling immense pain over this unjust decision forced upon him ,Rama does not rebel against it since he believes it is his duty not only to honor his father but also uphold truth and justice .It was expected from him by society so therefore no matter how difficult or unbearable things get ,he chooses not go against Dharma . He then goes away into exile willingly along with wife Sita & brother Laxmana rather than cling onto royal life out of personal desires . This proves again how capable he was of putting others before himself & follow rules no matter what circumstances arise .

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How does Rama demonstrate a sense of “duty” in the Ramayana?

After living in exile for many years ,when surrounded by danger while hunting a golden deer ,Sita pleads Rama to rescue her but because saving one woman would mean disregarding safety protocols set forth by society ,Rama has take control over situation instead sends Lakshamna alone after Sita which leads her abduction by Ravana ultimately makes way back at end following long adventurous journey between two kingdoms Lanka&Ayodhya & defeat evil forces led by Ravana Thus yet again Rama rises victorious while taking risky decisions throughout entire expedition however never fails hard challenges comes across due sheer dedication towards selfless service making use every resource available proving courageous spirit timelessly adorning crown glory forevermore

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In conclusion,Raman consistently demonstrates a strong sense of duty throughout The Ramayana which can inspire us all today by showing us what happens when we put others before ourselves and remain devoted to our commitments no matter what challenges come our way. It may require sacrifice beyond what we expect but these sacrifices are necessary for maintaining a just society where everyone can find equal opportunity regardless their background or position within social hierarchy

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