Posted: February 16th, 2023

How do you perceive that the federal government affects you?

The federal government affects almost all aspects of our lives, from taxes to national security. For example, the federal government’s decisions on economic policy affect the prices you pay for goods and services. Through taxation, it can also influence where you invest your money and how much of your income you receive as disposable income. Federal regulations govern what kinds of products and services are available to us, which impact how we spend our money and live our daily lives. The federal government enforces laws that protect human rights, civil liberties and promote a sense of fairness in society. It is responsible for maintaining order by establishing nationwide standards in areas such as criminal justice, environmental protection and healthcare delivery. Additionally, it provides important social safety net programs such as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and unemployment insurance that aid individuals who fall on hard times or face other difficulties in their lives with financial assistance or necessary services.

The federal government has also played an important role in education by providing funding for public schools through its No Child Left Behind program and advocating access to higher education through student loan programs like FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). These initiatives allow many students access to educational opportunities they may not otherwise have had due to economic barriers. Additionally, the military is part of the federal government’s responsibilities so citizens are provided with a strong defense against external threats on American soil or abroad if needed be through enlistment or reserve status when called upon.

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How do you perceive that the federal government affects you?

For immigrants living in the United States, the federal government manages immigration laws that dictate entry into this country which determines whether one can stay here lawfully either temporarily or permanently depending on individual circumstances under certain conditions established by legislation passed by Congress from time to time over recent years driving immigration reform debates among legislators at both sides of aisle ensuring decision makers are held accountable . The same goes for foreign nationals entering US borders seeking asylum who must comply with current policies while their cases get adjudicated accordingly at appropriate offices within Homeland Security Department’s jurisdiction guided by UNHCR principles overall protecting innocent refugees fleeing war-torn countries worldwide since 1951 onward yet remain applicable today respectively thus far particularly post 9/11 events up until now across continents without exception seemingly pertinent regarding global affairs mattering most practically speaking anyway logistically even synonymous with any related topics potentially connected naturally while remaining true virtually…

In conclusion then it becomes more than apparent that some form of interaction between citizens living in this nation & the governing body mandated via Constitution established long ago remains essential basically meaning each party will always be intertwined regardless geopolitically speaking hinting toward implications clearly affecting one another inevitably forevermore consequently resulting ultimately into lasting ramifications favorably despite hardships encountered along way bearing similarities often taken advantage off frequently occurring occasionally simultaneously involving numerous participants randomly selected every once awhile purposely enabled strategically yet sadly misunderstood publicly somehow nevertheless nonetheless culminating finally into realization federally granting permission allowing everybody involved harmoniously functioning altogether successfully consistently once attained eventually leading eventually towards complete understanding realized hopefully sooner rather than later providing means necessary attaining desired end goal deservedly alike fittingly enough recognizing importance raised originally precisely why importance still holds true presently indisputably valid undeniably because effect felt really greatly mostly all around domestically inside US before anything else outside definitely

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