Posted: March 10th, 2023

How do the concepts of order, nation-state, power and justice apply to the process of creation, maintenance and decay as outlined by Hummel and Isaak

Order, nation-state, power and justice are all important concepts when it comes to the process of creation, maintenance and decay as outlined by Hummel and Isaak. Creation is defined as “the formation of something from nothing” (Hummel & Isaak, 2018). This involves establishing a set of rules or guidelines for how people should interact within the newly created system. Maintenance refers to sustaining the order established in the creation stage. This includes creating laws and policies that ensure the functioning of the system (Hummel & Isaak, 2018). Lastly, decay is defined as “the gradual disintegration or decline of something” (Hummel & Isaak, 2018). It is often caused by external factors such as changes in technology or economic conditions that lead to a decrease in public support for a particular system.

The concept of order applies directly to both creation and maintenance because without order there would be no orderly way to create or sustain any kind of system. In the process of creating a new system, we must first establish some sort of structure that determines how everything will work together or else chaos would ensue. Once an initial framework has been established then it must be maintained through various means such as law enforcement agencies and social norms so that it does not fall apart over time due to external forces like economic decline or technological advancement.

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How do the concepts of order, nation-state, power and justice apply to the process of creation, maintenance and decay as outlined by Hummel and Isaak

The nation-state also plays an important role in both creation and maintenance processes since most systems are created with geographic boundaries in mind which divide different countries into distinct political entities (Liu et al., 2017). Each nation-state has its own laws and regulations which must be taken into account when designing any new system so that it can function optimally within its given geographical context while still adhering to international standards if applicable. The nation-state also serves as an important factor during times of decay since governments have more control over internal affairs than outside forces do which helps them mitigate potential threats before they become unmanageable (Liu et al., 2017).

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Power is another key concept central to both creation and maintenance processes since those who hold power will determine how much influence they exert on decision making related to new systems being created while also having more control over what happens during their existence (Karamanou & Markakis 2020). Power dynamics play an especially important role during times of decay since those at the top will have greater resources available for prolonging existing systems even if public opinion towards them sours due to external pressures like economic downturns etcetera.

Finally justice plays a major role when considering not only creation but also maintenance processes since any successful system needs some level fairness embedded into its design if it is going be sustainable over time (Attia & Evans 2019). Without justice being taken into account certain groups may feel excluded from participating fully within society leading them take drastic measures like civil disobedience which can ultimately cause instability leading further issues down line including possible collapse entirely depending upon severity events involved etcetera .

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