Posted: March 12th, 2023

 How can you help an ELL develop Phonemic awareness?

Phonemic awareness is an important skill for English language learners (ELLs) to develop, as it can help them gain a better understanding of the sounds and structure of the English language. To help ELLs develop phonemic awareness, teachers should first make sure that students have a good foundational understanding of the alphabet and its associated sounds[1]. This can be done through activities such as letter matching games or by having students listen to stories with strong rhymes or alliteration[2]. Once they have established this baseline knowledge, there are several strategies that teachers can use to foster more advanced phonemic awareness.

 How can you help an ELL develop Phonemic awareness?

One effective strategy is to model how words are broken down into their individual components, such as syllables or single sounds. Teachers can demonstrate this concept on their own by saying a word slowly and breaking it up into parts using hand gestures. They can then encourage students to practice this technique on simple words[3]… Additionally instructors could provide visuals accompany each sound when introducing new vocabulary so that connections between written word spoken forms easily made.[4]

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Another helpful exercise is segmenting sentences; in this activity teachers ask students break sentence into separate parts according pronunciation particular phrase.[5]This helps improve understanding rules governing pronunciation provides real-world examples which student must apply what learned order succeed! Furthermore employing various sound blending games like “Sound It Out” also beneficial reinforcing knowledge about how different letters blend together create larger units – thus boosting confidence when comes reading short stories poems etc…

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