Posted: March 10th, 2023

How can I be sure that I ‘ll be happy in my career?

No one can guarantee that they’ll be happy in their career because many factors come into play. However, there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood of finding a job and staying engaged within it.

It might be helpful to start by taking an honest look at yourself and your passions. What do you really enjoy doing? Think about what elements of work excite you, such as problem solving or creativity. Then consider the type of environment that appeals to you: Do you prefer working autonomously or in close proximity with teammates? Figuring out your intrinsic motivators is an essential part of this process (Grossman & Valiga, 2019).


How can I be sure that I ‘ll be happy in my career?

Once you have established what drives and interests you, determine how these traits align with different industries or roles—and then research them further (Grossman & Valiga, 2019). This means looking for job postings online and gathering information from potential employers through informational interviews or industry events (Mossberger et al., 2017). You may also want to turn to friends and family for advice if they have experience in relevant fields (Mossberger et al., 2017). By asking yourself questions such as “What value would I bring?” “Am I qualified enough?” etc.—you can get closer to narrowing down a career path.

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In addition, creating meaningful connections with professionals who work in desired fields may give insight into life on the job and help create opportunities (Career Advice Team & Heinkel-Wolfe, 2016; Mossberger et al., 2017). Networking allows individuals to demonstrate their knowledge base while building relationships with people who can provide valuable guidance throughout their journey (Career Advice Team & Heinkel-Wolfe, 2016). Moreover, attending professional conferences can broaden social circles even more by allowing attendees access to leaders within particular industries—who could possibly become mentors later on down the road (Ladge et al., 2018).

Once you’ve identified a few potential paths that fit your skillset—it will be necessary for individuals seeking employment satisfaction to learn how best manage stress levels associated with any given role due its conflicting demands. This includes understanding when it is time for self-care as well as being aware of early signs of burnout which include fatigue, lack of motivation , sleep disturbances , physical pain , irritability , sadness and depression among others(Bolier et al., 2013; Burke 2014 ). Additionally , incorporating positive coping strategies such as mindfulness meditation , exercise methods including yoga , deep breathing techniques have been known power tools proven effective at mitigating stress levels over time(Chiesa & Serretti 2009 ; Keng 2011 ; Levandowski 2015 ). Furthermore developing strong interpersonal relationships within teams has also been linked positively towards promoting one’s overall happiness.(Cruz et al., 2015) Lastly committing time towards hobbies outside of work has also been found helpful towards maintaining morale while offering periodic respites from intense workloads ensuring satisfaction.(O’Neill 2007)

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