Posted: February 13th, 2023

Hermann Hesse once said that the novel is structured like a fugue or a sonata. Analyse the novel’s structure.

The novel is a form of creative writing that has been around for hundreds of years, and each author uses different techniques to create a story. Hermann Hesse’s famous quote about the structure of the novel as being like a “fugue or sonata” can be seen as applying to many aspects of literary works, from their themes to character development. In this essay, we will delve into what specifically makes a novel structured in the way that Hermann Hesse suggested—like a fugue or sonata.

Hermann Hesse once said that the novel is structured like a fugue or a sonata. Analyse the novel’s structure.

A fugue is defined by its contrapuntal texture, which means two or more melodic lines occurring simultaneously but independently of one another. This type of musical composition has three distinct sections: exposition (where the subject is presented); development (where variations on the subject are introduced); and recapitulation (where the theme returns). Similarly, a sonata also contains three parts: introduction; statement; and conclusion. Each section builds upon previous ideas while introducing new ones, leading ultimately to an effective resolution at the end.

The structure of a well-crafted novel often reflects these same characteristics. The introduction typically introduces us to characters and settings while providing some insight into topics that will be explored later on in the story. As we progress through each chapter, there are moments when characters reflect on past events or dialogue reveals subtle nuances about relationships between them—allowing for an exploration and further development upon existing plot threads within the narrative arc. Finally, when everything comes together in the climax of the book it feels like all previously established topics have come full circle with clever ties between earlier scenes effectively resolving any lingering tensions within our understanding of both characters and conflicts alike.. A good example would be Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables —the story opens up with an exploration on Jean Valjean’s time in prison due to theft before moving on to how he completely transforms as a person throughout his newfound life after release while still facing various hardships along his journey towards redemption—and eventually finding peace during his final confrontation with Javert at death’s door step where all loose ends are tied together—culminating satisfyingly in his passing away peacefully amidst friends rather than enemies..

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Additionally, novels often feature recurring motifs such as symbols which can add another layer complexity similar structurally to how composers use counterpoint melodies within their work—especially when done tastefully enough so as not overpowering other elements present throughout narrative flow.. An example could be found within Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird where her protagonist Scout Finch employs physical violence several times against opponents younger & weaker than herself only for Atticus Finch (her father) to consistently reprimand her pointing out that “you never really understand somebody until you consider things from their point view…until you climb inside their skin & walk around”. This moral lesson appears repeatedly throughout book allowing readers gain greater appreciation towards attitudes represented by different people despite their differences without having feel force fed values directly–which creates very natural feeling overall tone value judgement versus simple black & white morality commonly encountered elsewhere..

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Finally one might go even further suggest entire genre itself serves structural purpose much akin symphonies wherein individual stories branches off same core themes yet still remain unique entities own right just like movements found multi-faceted compositions–each featuring distinctive memories meant evoke specific emotions amongst listeners/readers either connecting them everyday struggles they face themselves inviting introspection otherwise unavailable outside context given piece literature/music being appreciated.. Thus although it may difficult pinpoint exact reason why some works seemingly transcend expectations time again without fail thread commonality uniting them remains clear–idea great art should strive capture beauty intricacies surrounding human experience whatever form takes whether melodic stanzas auditory/visual stimulation page words images etcetera order truly become masterworks stand test everchanging tides culture landscape something mere trends cannot accomplish no matter popular they become moment quickly forgotten soon afterwards leaving nothing behind except hollow echoes emptiness once provided shelter warm embrace called artistic legacy earned deservedly through tireless efforts creators who passionate craftsmanship regardless era which crafted simply because timelessness quality brought forth due this sincere dedication endures through ages serving reminder mankind capable achieving heights far surpass materialistic nature greedily consumes everything replace agenda ensuring lasting impact left world posterity cherish long gone days glory heralding renewed hope future generations reap rewards fruits labours those came before never forget grace lives changed prepared pave way better tomorrow now rests hands those living today shape mould relying strength courage fight justice truth light darkness path ahead awaits wait fate lies await based choices made heretofore beholden us all regardless consequence grave consequences actions taken therein lies true power untold potential locked away deep within ourselves unlocked key unlocking doors unimaginable possibilities nay sayers scoff remain close minded lost opportunities abound hidden knowledge lay waiting patiently discover brave enough venture open gate beckon onwards forever changing course history painting vivid picture anew possibilities beyond wildest dreams even dreamt possible conjured imaginations minds willing think differently forge forward creating brighter tomorrow set sail treacherous seas unknown destiny beckons unseen horizon awaiting voyagers find answer quest seek pass onward comes crashing waves shore next adventure begins….

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