Posted: March 12th, 2023

Give examples of how the World Health Organization (WHO) helps to provide health care in times of need.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading international organization dedicated to improving health care around the world. It is an agency of the United Nations and provides leadership on global health matters, including responding to emergencies and outbreaks of disease, as well as creating programs for better health care in developing countries. WHO works closely with other UN agencies and global partners in order to provide effective health services during times of need.

In times of disaster or emergency, WHO coordinates the provision and delivery of essential medical supplies such as vaccines, medicines, and equipment. In addition, they help coordinate financial aid through partnerships with governments, NGOs, private sector companies and other donors to support affected communities (Merten et al., 2014). WHO also responds quickly to public health threats by providing advice on prevention methods such as social distancing; promoting handwashing; monitoring infectious diseases; providing technical guidance on early detection measures; coordinating research efforts; establishing treatment protocols; conducting case management activities; training health workers in affected areas; tracking progress made against goals set out before an outbreak begins (Patel & Watson-Smith 2018).

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Give examples of how the World Health Organization (WHO) helps to provide health care in times of need.

In addition to its role during disasters or crises situations, WHO also supports local healthcare systems all over the world by creating programs that focus on prevention rather than cure-all approaches. For example, their Global Polio Eradication Initiative has enabled more than 16 million people worldwide who have been paralyzed since 1988 due to polio infection (World Health Organization 2020). This initiative serves not only individuals but entire communities by decreasing transmission rates which can ultimately lead to a decrease in cases overall. Other initiatives concentrate on reducing malaria infections which are responsible for many deaths each year especially among children under five years old due mainly to lack of proper diagnosis or access to treatments (World Health Organization 2019). By implementing preventative measures such as insecticide treated bed nets or indoor residual spraying every home within a certain area can be protected from mosquito bites thus protecting those living inside from being infected with malaria.

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Finally another major role taken up by WHO is collecting data about different diseases so that information can be used for improved healthcare policies across borders. For instance their Global Burden of Disease study collects information about mortality rates caused by various chronic illnesses like heart disease cancer diabetes stroke etc enabling researchers from all over the world identify risk factors associated with these conditions so that interventions may be created accordingly (Global Burden Of Disease Study 2016). Through this process WHO hopes not only help people get better access quality care but also reduce death related causes worldwide through effective policy implementation tailored specifically towards individuals needs depending upon where they live or specific environmental factors present throughout region hosting them.

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