Posted: February 16th, 2023

Give an example of the way that the Spanish treated Enrique and his Taino people that differed significantly from the way they would have treated fellow Europeans, even enemies.

Enrique and his Taino people, the indigenous inhabitants of Hispaniola, were treated very differently by the Spanish than they would have been if they had been Europeans. The Spanish viewed the Taino as inferior and believed that their culture was primitive and uncivilized in comparison to European societies. This meant that when it came to how the Spanish interacted with Enrique and his people, there was a great disparity between how they were treated compared to fellow Europeans or even enemies.

One example of this is seen in how brutality was used against Enrique and his people during the colonial period. While violence occurs during conquest no matter who is being conquered, for Enrique’s people it was especially severe. Upon initial contact with Christopher Columbus in 1492, he enslaved many of them for labor purposes which included mining gold from rivers as well as working on plantations. The labor requirements were so intense that many died from exhaustion or diseases brought over by Europe such as smallpox or measles due to lack of immunity among Indigenous populations to these foreign diseases . In addition, those who escaped enslavement often experienced physical punishment like whipping and hangings for insubordination or other offenses perceived by Europeans at the time .

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Give an example of the way that the Spanish treated Enrique and his Taino people that differed significantly from the way they would have treated fellow Europeans, even enemies.

Violence extended beyond enslavement too; upon refusing conversion efforts some Indigenous individuals were killed which served not only as an act of cruelty but also one meant to enforce religious compliance with Christianity during colonization . These examples demonstrate just how different treatment towards Enrique’s people by Spaniards compared to their peers because while brutal force may have been used against fellow Europeans in some cases it did not appear nearly as widespread nor cruel making it clear that there existed a double standard due any perceived racial difference.

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The underlying cause behind why Enrique’s people endured harsher treatment than others before them is rooted primarily in racism due largely part because of Enlightenment ideologies circulating around Europe at the time which saw non-European peoples as savages needing civilizing through colonialism . This meant that from start Indigenous populations weren’t seen equal but rather something lesser thus justifying egregiously mistreatment via slavery , torture , rape , murder etc..All things considered this demonstrates just how much discrimination played role shaping interactions between Spaniards colonizers versus Indigenous victims whom consequently paid heavy price poor treatment regardless ethnic background religionetc..

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