Posted: March 12th, 2023

Find and discuss two biblical laments from these recommended books

A lament is an expression of deep sorrow and grief for a situation. In the Bible, laments can be found in both Old Testament and New Testament books. The Psalms, Job, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Mark are some books which contain examples of laments. In the following essay I will discuss two biblical laments from these recommended books: Psalm 13 from the book of Psalms and Mark 14:32-42 from the book of Mark.

Find and discuss two biblical laments from these recommended books

The first lament comes from Psalm 13. It begins with a plea to God asking that He hear the psalmist’s prayer (v1). The psalmist then expresses his feelings of despair as he feels alone in his pain (v2) and wonders why God has forgotten him (v3). He is beset by those who hate him (v4) yet he still trusts in God’s love knowing that it is everlasting (v5). The second part of this lament consists of praise for what God will do for him when He hears his cry (vv 6-7).

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Mark 14 also contains a lament. It occurs when Jesus is praying in Gethsemane before His arrest by Roman soldiers. Here Jesus expresses His anguish at having to face great suffering on behalf of humanity (vv 32-33). As His disciples sleep while He prays, Jesus expresses His loneliness despite being surrounded by them (vv 34-36). He pleads with God three times to take away this cup if it be possible (vv 36-38), however ultimately accepts His fate if not (vv 39-41). At its conclusion Jesus states “Not my will but yours” expressing submission to divine authority even when faced with such distress
In conclusion, laments are expressions of deep sorrow and grief found throughout scripture. These two examples demonstrate how even during times of adversity people can turn to faith in order to find solace and strength. Knowing that they are never truly alone no matter how desperate their situation may seem gives hope amidst any trial or tribulation encountered throughout life’s journey

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