Posted: March 6th, 2023

Facilitating Adult Learners?

Facilitation is a key component in any learning environment, allowing learners to engage with the material in an effective and meaningful way. Different types of facilitation can be used depending on the particular context, such as adult learners or younger students. Lynda’s video Facilitating Adult Learners discusses how adult learners have different needs than children when it comes to engaging with content. This video explains that adult learners are more likely to be self-directed and goal-oriented, so occupying them with activities like problem solving or group discussions can keep them focused and engaged (Banks 2018).

Watch Lynda video: Different types of facilitation? ?Watch Lynda video: Facilitating Adult Learners?

The video also highlights the importance of providing relevant topics for discussion. Adults often need to apply what they learn to their own lives or professional roles, which requires having materials that are connected to their interests and experiences. Additionally, adults benefit from having an opportunity for reflection at the end of each session; this allows them to process what they’ve learned while also gaining insight into how they might use this knowledge in a real world setting.

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On other hand another type facilitation useful dealing younger students involves hands-on activities encourage interactivity/exploration thus making subject matter much easier understand; games simulations fun experiments all great ways do this! Moreover using visual aids like videos graphics text really helps bring lesson life–this combined audio narration further reinforces main points being made ensuring information retained memory better too!

In conclusion then there many different types facilitation available order suit specific needs audience – through understanding variety styles able ensure best approach taken every time thus ultimately creating highly memorable learning experience both teacher student alike!

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