Posted: March 10th, 2023

Explain why art is important and purpose it serves in the society. Give an example of an artwork and its role in the society

The importance of art in society is undeniable. Art provides a means for culture to be shared, allowing individuals from different backgrounds to communicate their ideas and experiences through visual expression. It can provide entertainment, education, and inspiration by capturing the sentiments of a particular time or place and offering an accessible way for people to connect with one another (Vallance & Thompson 2020). In addition, art serves as a tangible reminder of history that can provide valuable insight into past cultures and offer guidance on how our current society should move forward (Maslen 2021).

An example of artwork that plays an important role in today’s society is the 19th century painting La liberté guidant le peuple by Eugène Delacroix. This piece was created during the French Revolution when France was fighting for freedom against tyranny, depicting Lady Liberty leading the revolutionaries forward. Today this painting serves as a powerful reminder of the fight for freedom throughout history and has been used as an emblem for many other revolutions across the world including those in Algeria and Syria (Langley et al., 2019). The message behind this artwork conveys respect for human rights which stands at the core of any functioning democratic society. Furthermore, its aesthetic beauty speaks to its timelessness; it still manages to evoke intense emotion from modern viewers regardless of their political views or cultural background. This demonstrates how art is able to transcend language barriers by conveying universal truths about humanity that are universally understood.

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Explain why art is important and purpose it serves in the society. Give an example of an artwork and its role in the society

Another purpose art serves within society today is providing comfort during difficult times. During periods of social unrest or personal hardship we often turn towards works such as paintings or sculptures which make us feel optimistic or hopeful despite dire circumstances (Mayo 2013). These kinds of pieces allow us to process our emotions without having to vocalize them while providing solace through engaging visuals that instill peace within our minds and hearts – something no other medium has seemed capable accomplishing so effectively thus far (McCann 2017). An example would be Michelangelo’s Pietà sculpture located in St Peter’s basilica which portrays Mary holding Jesus’ body after his crucifixion; this depicts not only sorrow but also hope since it implies Mary will never stop mourning her son yet remains strong despite life’s suffering -a sentiment many religious followers find uplifting even centuries later . Therefore we can see how works like these remain relevant due their ability to touch upon deep-seated emotions while inspiring viewers all over the globe regardless of whether they occur in galleries or churches venues alike(Robinson 2018).

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In conclusion, art plays a vital role within contemporary societies because it allows people across different cultures come together through mutual understanding while providing comfort during troubling times (Vallance & Thompson 2020; Maslen 2021; Langley et al., 2019; Mayo 2013; McCann 2017 Robinson 2018). Through artistic techniques such as symbolism we are able capture intangible concepts like emotionality which would otherwise go unnoticed if unexpressed visually (Robinson 2018) . We have seen examples like Delacroix La Liberte Guidinge Le Peuple painting demonstrate how powerful messages about democracy can still resonate with audiences centuries later while Michelangelo’s Pietà sculpture show how comforting imagery can encourage faith even under devastating conditions.(Mayo 2013) Thus it becomes clear why art carries significant importance inside today’s communities: By creating dialogue between diverse populations on topics ranging from politics too spirituality , art offers an irreplaceable service that helps make sense out chaos.( Maslen 2021)

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