Posted: March 7th, 2023

explain what researchers know about the three areas of the human brain that support language development.

Research into the human brain has revealed three key areas that are involved in language development: Wernicke’s area, Broca’s area, and the angular gyrus. These areas work together to allow us to understand, produce, and remember spoken language.

Wernicke’s Area is located in the posterior temporal lobe of the left hemisphere and is responsible for understanding language. This area processes written and spoken words by mapping them onto our existing knowledge of grammar and meaning. Damage to this area can lead to receptive aphasia which impairs a person’s comprehension of speech.

Broca’s Area is located in the frontal lobe of the left hemisphere and helps with speaking or producing language. It contains neurons specialized for understanding syntax (word order) as well as controlling muscles involved in facial expressions related to speech production. Injury or stroke within this area can lead to expressive aphasia which affects an individual’s ability to construct meaningful sentences.

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explain what researchers know about the three areas of the human brain that support language development.

The Angular Gyrus is found at the junction between temporal cortex and parietal cortex on both sides of the brain but it seems particularly important for language processing on the left side. This region plays an integral role in forming memories related to words as well as integrating visual information with auditory input when reading aloud . Damage here can affect someone\’s ability comprehend written text < br >< br > References :< br >< br > Benson DF Ardila A 2012 The Neurology Of Language An Introduction To Neurolinguistics Academic Press [2] Damasio AR Tranel D Manzel K 2015 Themes From The Human Brain Mind And Consciousness Studies In Cognitive Neuroscience Elsevier [3] Friederici AD 2011 Language In Our Brain How Different Areas Of Your Brain Interact While Speaking Processing Reading Writing Springer Science Business Media [4] Grodzinsky Y 2000 The Neural Basis Of Syntactic Processes The Neurocognition Of Sentence Comprehension MIT Press [5] Price CJ 2010 Biological Foundations For Communication Sciences Disorders Plural Publishing

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