Posted: February 15th, 2023

Explain how you plan to use the development strategy in your Portfolio Project.

In order to successfully complete my Portfolio Project, I plan to utilize a development strategy which contains several distinct stages. Firstly I will create an initial outline of all the topics that need to be covered and break them down into smaller tasks for easier management . This step will also serve as foundation for any subsequent work allowing me easily reference back it when necessary.

Once this is done , I can then begin researching appropriate materials & collecting relevant data points which could be used demonstrate understanding of subject matter. This information can come from various sources such textbooks, articles or interviews depending upon what best suits needs .

Explain how you plan to use the development strategy in your Portfolio Project.

Upon completion research phase , next step would involve writing up content in accordance with initial outline established at start process. Here I can either decide compile everything myself or enlist help editing services if required ensure quality remains consistent throughout entire project. 

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Finally once have finished developing my portfolio , it is important review its entirety paying particular attention any mistakes or omissions made along way so they can be addressed prior presentation . By following these steps methodically , not only should be able create comprehensive document but also one which meets required standards time allocated thus making whole experience much more enjoyable & rewarding than otherwise possible.

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