Posted: February 13th, 2023

Explain how using each approach might affect your understanding of the poem.

When studying a poem, two main approaches can be used to help understand it. The first approach is the New Critical Approach, which focuses on close reading of the poem and looking for meaning within its words and structure. This approach looks at how individual words contribute to the meaning of the poem as a whole, as well as how different elements like imagery or sound devices create an overall impression. By closely examining these components of the poem and making connections between them, readers can gain greater insight into what is being portrayed in the work.

Explain how using each approach might affect your understanding of the poem.

The second approach is a Historical-Biographical Approach which takes into account things like where and when it was written, who wrote it, and any external events that may have influenced its creation. It also looks at any other works by the same author to gain more context for understanding the poem in terms of their life experiences or writing style. By understanding these factors better we can get a better idea of what themes are present in this particular piece of literature or if there are references to historical events that are not explicit but still important. In some cases, knowing about specific art movements or political ideologies may offer further insight into why certain elements appear in a work too.

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Using each approach can affect our understanding of a poem differently; while both approaches will provide insights into its content they will do so from different perspectives. With New Critical Approach we can look at how poetic elements come together to form something meaningful; using this approach gives us an ability to focus on individual phrases within larger sections without losing sight of overall pattern or tone in order to decipher what might be going on beneath surface level language used by poet . On other hand with Historical-Biographical Approach we take more external view point on text by looking at all available contextual information related with its origin story before attempting interpretive readings – this way readers get opportunity make informed decisions about impact behind work’s literary techniques when considering why certain structures were chosen over others & potentially even unravel deeper meanings than those obvious from simple analysis .

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In conclusion, both methods are useful tools for exploring poems but depending on type & depth desired interpretation requires then one method might be better suited than another – ultimately deciding which route pursue depends largely upon familiarity reader has with subject material & respective preferences surrounding interpretive technique employed during study session!

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