Posted: February 13th, 2023

Explain how critical left realist scholars would address the issue of school shootings

School shootings are one of the most devastating and heartbreaking social issues that have occurred in recent years. School administrators, politicians, parents, mental health professionals, and law enforcement officers alike have struggled with ways to prevent these types of mass shootings from happening in the future. Critical left realist scholars believe that school shooting prevention can be addressed through a combination of structural changes, policy reforms, and community-oriented engagement initiatives.

Critical left realists acknowledge that there is a great need for increased regulation of firearms and other weapons used in school shootings along with stronger background checks for those who wish to purchase guns. Policy makers should create legislation that prohibits certain high capacity weapons from being legally purchased or owned by individuals within their jurisdiction. Furthermore, enhanced security measures should be put into place both inside and outside schools such as metal detectors at entrances/exits or armed guards patrolling hallways (without racial profiling) in order to ensure students’ safety during an attack.

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Explain how critical left realist scholars would address the issue of school shootings

However, critical left realists also maintain that social policies cannot solely be credited with preventing future tragedies like school shootings – they believe it takes more than just laws designed to regulate weapon ownership; it requires society as a whole to take proactive steps as well. Therefore they suggest implementing initiatives aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of communities – this includes providing access to adequate healthcare services (especially mental health care), creating after-school programs geared toward engaging youth positively (mentoring clubs or vocational training courses etc.), investing resources into combatting social inequalities such as poverty or inequality experienced due to race/ethnicity etc., addressing violent behavior among children before it escalates into adulthood e.g. holding seminars on anger management strategies for students showing signs of aggression – all these play an important role in reducing risks associated with potential perpetrators carrying out attacks on schools because these measures are seen as attempting to address underlying issues which may fuel an individual’s desire for violence against others especially when those individuals feel excluded from mainstream society due to lack of power and privilege present therein .

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Lastly, critical left realists emphasize the importance of establishing close relationships between authorities (e.g police) educators /administrators & members within the local community so that there is better cooperation amongst all parties involved when trying tackle any kind problem including ones related potentially harmful activities such as school shootings – trust between authorities & citizens should also be established so victims can come forth without fear being judged harshly or feeling unsafe – this will help improve communication thereby making it easier pick up on warning signs if someone seems intent committing crimes like murder therefore allowing officials intervene earlier rather than later giving them chance take preventive action before things turn tragic .

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