Posted: March 6th, 2023

Evaluate the strategic role of change in the organization and its impact on organizational performance

Change is an inevitable part of any organization and its strategic role can have a considerable impact on the performance of the organization. Change is not only a key component in the evolution and growth of an organization, but also its ability to remain competitive within its industry (Tavares & Xavier, 2018). In order for change to drive organizational performance it must be utilized strategically, with each action taken aligned with well-defined goals. The effective implementation of change initiatives can lead to increased economic performance, improved efficiency and effectiveness as well as greater overall success (Debraj et al., 2016).

When implementing change initiatives, it is important that they are based on sound strategies rather than short-term objectives. By setting long-term goals and plans ahead of time organizations will better position themselves to take advantage of potential opportunities or mitigate potential risks associated with implementing changes. For example, if a company wants to capitalize on new market opportunities it may need to adjust their operations in order for them to effectively compete in this environment (Montana & Charnov, 2017). Longer term planning allows organizations more flexibility when adapting their processes which results in fewer disruptions during transition periods.

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In addition to setting long-term objectives for change initiatives organizations should utilize analytical tools such as SWOT or PESTLE analysis when evaluating current operations and deciding what changes should be implemented (Sherman & Freund, 2018). These tools provide insight into both internal strengths/weaknesses and external factors such as socio-economic conditions which could potentially inhibit progress within the organization. By assessing these factors before initiating a change initiative decision makers are able to make more informed decisions regarding how best proceed which increases chances of success while mitigating risk (Anwar et al., 2020).

Evaluate the strategic role of change in the organization and its impact on organizational performance

It’s also important that organizations involve stakeholders throughout all phases of the process so that everyone impacted by the changes understands how they effect them directly. This ensures that all parties understand how their individual roles contribute towards achieving organizational success (Cantor et al., 2017). Further communication throughout the duration of implementation helps keep employees motivated during times where there may be disruption due unexpected occurrences or setbacks related with new processes being introduced . Additionally transparency across departments helps reduce uncertainty amongst those affected by proposed changes leading up until conclusion resulting increased collaboration throughout entire organization(Khanin et al., 2019) .

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Change alone does not guarantee improved performance but used strategically along with other management practices it can set an organization apart from competitors who either do not adapt quickly enough or fail recognize areas where improvement would be beneficial for continued operational success(Nishikawa & Ranasinghe 2020). Ultimately managing effective adaptation through strategic use will result improved efficiencies , innovation , customer satisfaction etc allowing business outperform competitions.. When properly executed organizational transformation can help companies maintain competitive advantage over competitors while furthering their mission creating lasting impact in marketplace that drives global prosperity.(Rai & Santosh 2019)

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