Posted: March 6th, 2023

Evaluate how technology has enhanced the critical-thinking skills used by FBI

Technology has had a significant impact on the critical thinking skills used by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. In the past, FBI agents relied heavily on manual processes to complete investigations and gather evidence, which limited the amount of information that could be accessed and processed in a timely manner. However, with the advent of technology, FBI agents have been able to access vast amounts of data from multiple sources quickly and accurately. This has allowed them to think more critically about their investigations as they can gain access to information that was not previously available due to time constraints or lack of resources (Kamal & Islami, 2017).

One way in which technology has enhanced critical thinking for FBI agents is through advances in data processing capabilities. For example, many databases now store large amounts of data that can be searched quickly using advanced algorithms. This allows FBI agents to process huge datasets containing millions or even billions of records within minutes rather than hours (Cooley et al., 2018). Additionally, advances in cloud computing and distributed computing technologies allow investigators to analyze even larger datasets much faster than ever before (Hao et al., 2017). Furthermore, modern computer systems are also capable of carrying out complicated tasks such as image recognition or facial recognition which enable investigators to identify suspects more quickly than ever before (O’Brien & Haggard, 2019). These advancements enable FBI agents to make decisions based on accurate data much faster than they could previously.

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Evaluate how technology has enhanced the critical-thinking skills used by FBI

In addition to improved data processing abilities enabled by technology, social media platforms have enabled increased collaboration between law enforcement agencies when investigating crimes. Through these platforms such as Twitter or Facebook Law Enforcement officers can easily share relevant information such as leads or evidence related an investigation (Allan & Maheswaranathan 2019). By making this information accessible across all jurisdictions it helps facilitate collaboration among different agencies thus allowing for better decision making based on collective knowledge gained from multiple sources. This ultimately allows for more effective criminal investigations where each agency contributes their expertise resulting in better outcomes overall (Reed et al., 2018).

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Finally technology also provides tools for analyzing human behavior through biometrics including facial recognition software and voice analysis programs which help investigators gain insights into how criminals may act during certain situations (Pinkston et al., 2020). By being able anticipate potential risks associated with certain behaviors enables law enforcement officers make better decisions when dealing with potentially dangerous individuals thus improving public safety overall.

In conclusion modern technological advancements have significantly improved the ability of FBI Agents use critical thinking skills while conducting criminal investigations by providing them with increased access to up-to-date reliable data enabling better informed decision making along with collaborative opportunities among other law enforcement organizations resulting in improved public safety overall.

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