Posted: February 16th, 2023

“Does Terrence Des Pres think the human moral sense is an idealistic illusion or an evolutionary survival strategy?”

Terrence Des Pres does not definitively state whether he believes the human moral sense is an idealistic illusion or an evolutionary survival strategy. Instead, his works suggest that both points of view are valid and important to consider when examining the role of morality in society. According to Des Pres, our moral beliefs have been shaped over time by a combination of genetic traits and environmental influences; thus, it can be argued that morality has both evolved as a result of natural selection and been cultivated through social norms .

“Does Terrence Des Pres think the human moral sense is an idealistic illusion or an evolutionary survival strategy?”

He notes that although humans may differ in terms of their individual ethical systems, they all share some fundamental concepts such as altruism, fairness , justice , and mercy; suggesting that these notions are not just illusions but rather deeply ingrained into our species’ biological makeup. In addition, Des Pres suggests that if humans wish to maintain harmony within their societies then they must recognize the importance of these basic universal values – which can help provide stability during times conflict or chaotic circumstances.

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Ultimately , while Terrence Des Pres acknowledges the fact there may be competing views on how moral sense came about present day still remains uncertain realm doubt what clear however regardless chosen explanation given behind phenomenon one thing sure – no matter where line drawn between illusion evolution it’s imperative always keep sight greater good mind doing whatever necessary ensure humanity maintains ability demonstrate respect compassion towards fellow men women alike striving become better people planet whole process way ensuring quality life sustained everyone continues move forward confidently towards brighter future without encroaching upon rights freedoms others involved order succeed best possible manner making sure standards remain high across board much benefit derived overall .

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