Posted: March 6th, 2023

Distinguish among different patterns of development.

Development patterns are the way ideas, information and arguments are organized in a written piece. There are several distinct development patterns that can be used to create an effective composition. This essay will discuss three common types of development patterns: cause and effect, comparison and contrast, and sequential order.

The first type of development pattern is cause and effect. Cause and effect is when a writer explains how actions or events lead to particular consequences (Meyer & Kress, 2010). It focuses on the relationship between two variables: an action or event (the cause) leading to a consequence (the effect). For example, if a student fails their math class they may find themselves unable to get into college. The failing grade was the cause which led to being unable to attend college as an outcome; this would be expressed as “Failing math leads to not getting accepted into college”. Using this type of pattern is effective for demonstrating relationships between two variables, allowing readers to see how one thing can influence another (Meyer & Kress, 2010).

The second type of development pattern is comparison and contrast. Comparison and contrast requires writers to identify similarities or differences between two things or topics (Hochman & Weil 2007). In this method, writers break down both elements individually before looking at shared qualities between them or how they diverge from each other (Hochman & Weil 2007).

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Distinguish among different patterns of development.

For instance, comparing apples with oranges would involve discussing physical characteristics such as shape size fruit texture color etc.. This allows readers to more easily compare the two items without having all relevant information presented simultaneously making it easier for them understand the point being made by writer(Hochman & Weil 2007).

Lastly there is the sequential order pattern which involves presenting each element chronologically in time sequence often using transition words such as “first” “next” “then” etc… Sequential order allows writers to take readers step-by-step through processes procedures lessons etc… By taking readers through every detail it ensures that all pertinent information has been provided but does not require any particular conclusion about these details since it simply recounts what happened in chronological order(Harvey 2018).
For example if someone wanted explain how make pancakes might start by gathering ingredients then mixing them together after followed by pouring batter onto hot griddle lastly ending flipping over finished product this would allow cook provide beat understanding process while still maintain flow story structure their writing(Harvey 2018).

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In conclusion there are three main types of development patterns : cause and effect compared contrast sequential order Each these has its own specific purpose when comes constructing written texts They help organize thoughts make points clearer easier comprehend therefore should be taken into consideration creating pieces literature any kind

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