Posted: March 8th, 2023

discussing the weaknesses of the theory as it applies to the ethical issue you have chosen. What important things does the theory miss or get wrong about this question? Why ?

The Utilitarianism theory is a consequentialist philosophy that seeks to maximize value and minimize suffering. In many ways, it is an attractive framework for making ethical decisions as it places the greatest emphasis on outcomes rather than intentions or any other factors.?

discussing the weaknesses of the theory as it applies to the ethical issue you have chosen. What important things does the theory miss or get wrong about this question? Why ?

Weakness #1: One of the weaknesses of utilitarianism as it applies to the ethics surrounding women with naturally higher levels of testosterone competing against other female athletes is its focus on quantifying outcomes. Whereas this approach might work in some circumstances where tangible results can be measured (e.g., economic gains), it may not be suitable for cases involving complex social issues such as gender identity or discrimination.?

Weakness #2: Another weakness of utilitarianism is its reliance on short-term thinking when assessing potential outcomes. Although this approach may produce desirable immediate results, it fails to take into account longer-term implications and consequences which could have serious negative ramifications down the line.?

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Weakness #3: Finally, utilitarianism fails to consider individual rights when evaluating potential actions and their associated costs and benefits. This means that although a decision may result in net positive utility (i.e., create more pleasure than pain), individuals’ fundamental rights are ignored which could lead to unjustified harm being caused.? In conclusion therefore whilst utilisation principle provide useful tool regards ethical decision – making clear through examination provided three key weaknesses particular application .. Ultimately highly recommended those looking acquire greater understanding particular field further research conducted going forward ensure appropriate decisions made future benefit citizens nation .. References :
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