Posted: March 6th, 2023

 Discuss the variations and purpose of social research. Provide an example of a study that you think is interesting. Discuss why you found it interesting. 

Social research is an umbrella term that encompasses various types of research methods used to collect data and information on people, their lives, communities, and societies. This type of research can be qualitative or quantitative in its approach. Qualitative research focuses on the lived experience of individuals; it relies heavily on interviews and observations to collect data which are then analyzed for patterns or themes. Quantitative research is more structured; it relies mostly on surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis to study a population’s responses as a whole (Collier & Creswell 2019).

 Discuss the variations and purpose of social research. Provide an example of a study that you think is interesting. Discuss why you found it interesting.

One example of social research I find particularly interesting is a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oregon which examined how different types of conversations impacted well-being among college students (Fluckiger et al., 2020). The study found that certain topics such as emotions or relationships were associated with greater psychological benefits than others like academics or career planning. Additionally, they found that talking about negative experiences was linked with better mental health outcomes compared to discussing positive ones! 

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I find this particular study especially interesting because it provides insight into how we talk with each other—not just what we say but also the specific topics discussed—and how this could affect our overall wellbeing. Although this particular study only focused on college students, I think its findings could be applicable across different contexts since conversation is such an important part of all our lives regardless age/background.

Overall then these results demonstrate just one way in which social researchers seek understand complex phenomena occurring within society–through use powerful combination both qualitative quantitate methodologies deeper insight often uncovered related towards given topic investigated allowing us shape future decisions based up newfound knowledge gained through process!

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