Posted: February 16th, 2023

Discuss the points of views of individual Pan- Africanists and the impact on people of descent. Must identify these points of views and discuss short term and long term impact provide examples

Pan-Africanism is a movement that began in the 19th century and has had an important impact on people of African descent. Pan-Africanists are those individuals who advocate for the unification, liberation, and development of Africa and its diaspora. This article will explore some of the points of view of individual Pan-Africanists, as well as the short-term and long-term impacts these views have had on people of African descent.

Marcus Garvey was one early Pan-Africanist who believed in black separatism from white society and racial pride among African Americans. He advocated for economic independence through collective economic efforts such as cooperatives or businesses owned by Blacks themselves. In his speech “Look To Africa” he urged Africans to use their own resources to build up their nations instead of relying on foreign aid from white countries which he referred to as exploitative colonialism. He also condemned racism that prevented black people from achieving success in America or abroad and encouraged them to look toward Africa for inspiration in overcoming it; “Africa must rise out her future greatness not only within herself but with the cooperation of other races.” The short term impact this point view had on African people was a sense empowerment while they remained oppressed by whites around them during this time period due to segregation laws like Jim Crow etc., while many were still able to find ways to succeed like Garvey did with his Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) organization which grew into one largest black organizations at that time. His long term impact is still felt today since he helped inspire movements such Black Nationalism during Civil Rights Movement lead by Dr Martin Luther King Jr., Nation Of Islam under Elijah Muhammad, etc..

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Another prominent figure Kwame Nkrumah was considered part of the second generation of pan-african leaders due his participation in various liberation struggles across continent such helping form Ghana’s first political party: Convention People’s Party (CPP). He advocated for increased autonomy/independence from colonial powers which would eventually become known Non Aligned Movement solidarity among newly formed nations breaking away Western imperialism something decades earlier leaders like Marcus Garvey called for .

Discuss the points of views of individual Pan- Africanists and the impact on people of descent. Must identify these points of views and discuss short term and long term impact provide examples

His short term impact included being credited leading role gaining nation’s independence however economic struggle afterwards made him unpopular later years government overthrown by military coup shortly after death 1973 but nonetheless legacy remain strong since Ghana became beacon hope all newly forming African States having success story becoming democracy post colonization proving example could be done without need any help western world Long Term Impact can be seen growing numbers countries gained independence throughout decade soon after 1960s following liberation struggles spearheaded icons like Nkrumah whose ideologies remain popular today especially amongst younger generations wanting continue fight against oppression whatever forms may come

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Finally late Steve Biko stands another influential leader South Africa concerning human rights equality . While core beliefs similar others mentioned before mainly focused promoting unity nation groupings pushing forward cause anti apartheid although tragically killed security police 1977 imprisonment speaking out ideals age 26 still managed leave behind lasting impression impacting lives millions innocent citizens country most notably inspiring rise international attention situation country eventually leading demand sanctions UN Security Council 1979 external pressure what eventually broke Apartheid system place South Africa 1990s until then official policy state understood best way handle problem keeping quiet hence why voice played major role securing level freedom access right general public enjoy today both regionally continentally internationally Short Term Impact saw emergence powerful message challenging status quo placing spotlight issue ultimately forcing governments take action address grievances expressed citizens Long Term Impact reach far beyond land borders enabling other groups facing similar injustices elsewhere speak louder united front oppose oppressive regimes regardless origin race creed culture gender sexual orientation etc

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In conclusion, each individual Pan-Africanist discussed here have made unique contributions towards advocating for emancipation from colonialism, racial equality, economic independence ,and self determination among peoples descendants across globe often do so personal detriment However despite tremendous sacrifices made collective whole ultimate aim remains same bring about betterment humanity itself create harmonious sustainable future generations come

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