Posted: February 13th, 2023

Discuss the manner in which your philosophy has evolved from the beginning of your M.Ed. Program coursework to now.

When I began my M.Ed. Program, my educational philosophy was quite broad and vague; it focused mainly on the importance of providing students with engaging experiences in the classroom to foster learning and mastery of content. In particular, I favored project-based instruction as a means of allowing students to create meaningful connections between the material they were taught and their daily lives. My emphasis on providing stimulating activities was rooted in the idea that all learners should be able to find relevance in their education if they are going to achieve both academic success and personal growth.

As I progressed through my program, however, my philosophy became more nuanced and complex. While I still believe that hands-on activities are important tools for engaging student learning, I now acknowledge that each learner brings his or her own unique experiences into the classroom that must be taken into account if learning is going to occur effectively and sustainably. As such, I have come to value creating inclusive environments where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves freely so as not to limit any individual’s potential for growth due to fear or insecurity about being judged by others. Furthermore, recognizing one’s own biases has become an integral part of this process for me—it is essential for educators (myself included) to be aware of how our prejudices can shape our perceptions and subsequently influence how we interact with students from different backgrounds or those who possess differing ideas than our own.

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Discuss the manner in which your philosophy has evolved from the beginning of your M.Ed. Program coursework to now.

The theme of “Supporting Student Engagement Through Meaningful Experiences” which informs my portfolio also speaks directly back into my evolving educational philosophy; namely that it is necessary for teachers—and education systems more broadly—to recognize both intrinsic motivation within individuals as well as their preexisting knowledge when designing instruction plans so as not to gloss over any elements which could lead towards powerful engagement opportunities among multiple stakeholders involved in teaching processes (students/teachers/administrators). By keeping these considerations at the forefront when crafting instructional strategies aimed at fostering student engagement, teachers can open up gateways for meaningful experiences within classrooms while also elevating learning outcomes through increased interaction with various subject matters beyond what traditional methods might offer alone—a key goal currently driving educational improvement initiatives around world today.

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In conclusion then, although much progress has been made since first entering this program regarding refining my understanding of pedagogy theory application within practice contexts today; there remains much work left ahead before realizing an ideal teaching environment geared towards optimal outcomes across all areas related therein: something which will require additional continued reflection along with sustained research efforts in order help meet said objectives moving forward throughout career development stages ahead.

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