Posted: March 6th, 2023

Discuss reform actions that the U.S. government has taken to reduce the ethical concerns or problems

Reform actions taken by the United States government to reduce ethical concerns or problems encompass a broad spectrum of measures. These range from new legislation and regulations, to educational initiatives, increased enforcement efforts, and reforming existing systems. This essay will discuss three major reform actions that have been taken by the US government to address these issues: the creation of new laws for ethics in public service; strengthening federal criminal statutes; and increased oversight and accountability at all levels of government.

The first reform action was the adoption of various laws that require public servants to act ethically in carrying out their duties. The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 established both an Office of Government Ethics (OGE) and an advisory committee on ethics in government (ACEG). The OGE is responsible for providing guidance and advice on matters related to ethical conduct for executive branch employees, while the ACEG is responsible for developing policies concerning ethical standards for all parts of the federal bureaucracy (“History & Overview” 2018). In addition, Congress passed several other pieces of legislation during this period that sought to promote ethical behavior among public servants, including the Federal Corrupt Practices Act (1977), which makes it illegal for certain individuals employed by state or local governments to accept gifts from lobbyists or businesses they are regulating (“Corrupt Practices Act” 2017).

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Discuss reform actions that the U.S. government has taken to reduce the ethical concerns or problems

The second reform action was increasing criminal penalties associated with unethical behavior within governmental agencies. In particular, Congress strengthened multiple federal criminal statutes such as bribery offenses under 18 USC 201(b)(2) – making it easier to prosecute any persons who use their positions within a governmental agency in order gain personal benefit or advantage from transactions involving another party (Jost 2018). Additionally, there have been reforms made that extend beyond just criminal prosecution – such as expanding whistleblower protections so employees can report misconduct without fear of retribution or loss of job security- in order ensure those abusing power are held accountable (Meier 2019).

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Finally,there has been a greater focus placed on strengthening oversight mechanisms at all levels within governmental organizations. A key example includes passage of The Inspector General Reform Act in 2008 which enhanced independent oversight functions across many different US agencies – requiring them “to conduct a thorough review processes both before and after contracts are awarded; improve transparency through online disclosures; examine personnel issues more closely; increase coordination between departments/agencies; strengthen audits performed after funds are expended;and provide better training on conflicts interest situations” (“Inspectors General Reform,” 2010 ). Through this typeof initiative ,the American people can rest assured knowingthat their representatives are being held accountableforany wrongdoing they may engagein while holdingpublic office .

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In conclusion ,the US government has takenmultiple steps overthe years topromoteethical practices amongst its servants. From introducingnewlaws designed towrestlewith corruptionissues ;strengtheningcriminal statuesand expandingwhistleblower provisions ;tonowfocusingonmore robustoversightmechanisms -allof these measureshavebeen putinto place with one goalin mind :ensuringgreater integritywithin our nation’s administrative system . As longas thesereforms remain instride itis believedthat our countrywill beable tomaintaina higher standardof engagementwhenit comes toboth politicaland nonpolitical activities alike .

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