Posted: March 6th, 2023

·        Discuss how the research is solving the problem within the chosen functional area.

Research has been essential in solving problems within the chosen functional area of healthcare. Specifically, research has helped to identify new treatments and protocols for various diseases and conditions, as well as improve existing ones. Additionally, research has provided insight into how best to deliver care efficiently and effectively while addressing patient safety concerns.

For instance, by using evidence-based practice (EBP), researchers have identified more efficient methods for delivering patient care that are based on current scientific studies and proven outcomes rather than relying solely on tradition or guesswork. EBP also allows clinicians to make informed decisions about the types of treatments they should provide to their patients, ensuring both cost efficiency and improved quality of care.

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·        Discuss how the research is solving the problem within the chosen functional area.

Researchers have also developed innovative technologies such as telemedicine platforms which allow physicians to virtually diagnose and monitor patients from a distance—reducing wait times while increasing access especially those living remote areas with limited transportation options available. Similarly advances made medical devices like artificial intelligence (AI) powered diagnostic tools help narrow down potential causes when diagnosing illnesses drastically speeding up time taken before reaching correct result!

In conclusion then research plays pivotal role when attempting solve problems faced within healthcare industry–through use combination technological developments alongside evidence based practices solutions become attainable improving overall standard care delivered towards those need it most!

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