Posted: March 6th, 2023

Discuss Daily Stress Immigrant farmworkers face

Immigration is a major source of labor for the American agricultural industry, with immigrants making up a large portion of the United States’ farmworker population (Decker, 2010). Immigrant farm workers face numerous challenges and difficulties in their daily lives. This paper will discuss how stress from social isolation and economic insecurity affects these individuals on a daily basis.
Daily stress experienced by immigrant farmworkers can be attributed to multiple factors such as social isolation, language barriers, and economic insecurity. The vast majority of these workers are Hispanic and live in rural areas far away from other communities or family members (Kraus et al., 2016) where they may not have access to support or resources that could ease their anxiety. They also often face language barriers which limit their ability to communicate with those around them or obtain needed services (Fernandez & Salcido, 2007). In addition to this lack of communication skills, there is also an unjustified fear among some citizens that undocumented immigrants are criminals; this fear further isolates them because it prevents them from engaging in public spaces out of fear of being reported.

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These feelings of exclusion increase the sense of loneliness that many immigrant farmworkers experience on a daily basis (Brown et al., 2012). A study conducted by Kraus et al., found that “farmworker families suffer high levels of psychological distress due to limited English proficiency, racism and oppression” which contributes significantly to the feeling of stress experienced by these individuals (2016). This mental burden can lead to physical health issues such as headaches and insomnia due to prolonged exposure (Gutierrez-Romero & Molina-Azorin 2011).

Discuss Daily Stress Immigrant farmworkers face

The financial instability faced by many immigrant farmworkers only adds more pressure into their already difficult lives. Low wages coupled with long hours create an unstable environment both financially and emotionally for those working in the fields each day (Pennington et al., 2015). Some employers take advantage by underpaying migrant laborers or unlawfully withholding payment altogether leaving workers without any means for sustaining themselves after months spent laboring each day. The lack stable wages creates an uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring which increases an individual’s daily stress level even more so than someone who has secure employment opportunities available every morning when they wake up (Levin 2016).

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In conclusion, immigrant farmworkers face extreme levels of daily stress due largely to social isolation and economic insecurity caused primarily by language barriers and discrimination against foreign nationals seeking work in America’s agricultural sector. While it may appear that little can be done about this issue from afar, awareness should be raised so people understand just how serious life is for those living within our nation’s borders while trying hard simply to make ends meet every month. It is our responsibility as citizens living within one country not turn away towards injustice but instead stand together against it – only then will advancements be made towards improving quality-of-life standards for everyone involved regardless where one comes from or who they choose vote for come election time.

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