Posted: February 15th, 2023

Differentiate three leadership skills from three management skills absent in yourself.

Leadership and management skills have a lot of overlap, but they are not the same. Leadership is more focused on inspiring others to take action while management focuses on overseeing processes and making sure tasks are completed in a timely manner. While both sets of skills can be beneficial for any individual, it is important to identify which ones you possess and which ones need improvement.

One leadership skill I lack is forward-thinking. Forward-thinking means having the ability to anticipate future needs and plan accordingly. This requires being able to recognize trends in an organization or industry and act ahead of them before they become problems. As someone who tends to focus more on executing current tasks than planning for what’s coming next, this isn’t one of my strongest traits .

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Another leadership quality I lack is creativity. Creativity involves thinking outside the box and finding unique solutions for complex problems or issues that may arise in an organizational setting. It also includes being able to generate new ideas from old concepts or creating something completely new from scratch. Unfortunately, because I prefer relying on tried-and-true methods over experimentation, it’s not a strength of mine at this time .

Finally, one leadership competency absent in myself is conflict resolution; specifically dealing with interpersonal conflict between employees or teams within an organization. Conflict resolution requires understanding different perspectives as well as considering potential solutions that would be mutually beneficial for all parties involved rather than simply choosing sides and arguing your point until everyone gives up in exhaustion . Due to my aversion towards confrontation (even healthy forms), this isn’t something that comes easily to me—I’d much rather avoid the situation if possible instead of trying to navigate it effectively .

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Differentiate three leadership skills from three management skills absent in yourself.

Moving onto management skills lacking in myself; firstly there’s delegation which means assigning appropriate tasks or responsibilities based on each person’s strengths/weaknesses within an organization so that nothing falls through the cracks due to miscommunication or misunderstanding about roles/expectations.. Unfortunately, due my fear of “burden sharing,” delegation has been difficult for me since I tend get overwhelmed when asked delegate certain duties or projects–instead opting just do it all myself even if it takes longer than necessary .

Secondly , there’s budgeting which involves allocating resources such as money ,time , personnel etc according personal goals & objectives with limited funds & time constraints while working closely with accounting/financial departments related decision making process — again,.budgeting has been tough since I don’t like crunching numbers & often let decisions made by other individuals who specialize field dictate direction taken project ..
lastly – another managerial competence absent self good communication ; effective communicating critical part managing team accomplish given task efficiently & professionally without sacrificing quality — however unfortunately strong verbal / written communication not always come naturally me especially when trying convey complicated instructions someone less experienced job duties ..

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