Posted: March 9th, 2023

Develop an example of a universal maxim that we as citizens in a democratic republic ought to see realized in our own country

A maxim that is applicable to citizens of a democratic republic is “Rule by the People, For the People”. This universal maxim can be seen as an expression of democracy and captures the necessity of public involvement in governing their own society (Stephens & Anderson, 2017). This statement may seem simple but it embodies many fundamental values associated with self-governance within a democracy. By advocating for rule by the people, this statement recognizes that citizens are responsible for selecting government leaders who will best represent their interests and values (Stephens & Anderson, 2017). Furthermore, when emphasizing rule for the people, it acknowledges that those elected to power should use their authority not to benefit themselves or special interest groups but rather to serve all members of society.

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When applied in practice, this concept encourages active citizen participation in politics which is essential to maintaining a healthy democracy (Kinder et al., 2020). In other words, citizens need to understand how government works and actively engage with political processes such as voting and participating in debates on issues relevant to them. Additionally, “Rule by the People, For the People” reminds us that our voices must be heard during elections so that we can choose leaders who truly have our best interests at heart (McCarthy et al., 2019). Without meaningful engagement from citizens and candidates alike throughout every stage of election season including campaigning and debate forums then our democratic republic cannot truly succeed.

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Develop an example of a universal maxim that we as citizens in a democratic republic ought to see realized in our own country

This maxim also promotes social justice as part of its core principles since it highlights how important representation is in order for citizens’ voices to be heard (Kinder et al., 2020). A large part of achieving equality under law requires marginalized populations like racial minorities or women having access to fair representation in positions of power within society. If certain groups are excluded from participating in decision making then there can never truly be equity among different segments of population which runs contrary to one primary purpose of democracy: creating equal opportunities for all individuals regardless background or identity (McCarthy et al., 2019).

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Overall, “Rule by the People For The People” has been used historically since ancient times when Athenian philosophers first wrote about its significance towards self-governance however today we still rely on its timeless value as reminder why we must exercise our right participate openly and civically if we ever hope achieve true justice liberty under law within democratic republics around world.

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