Posted: March 6th, 2023

Develop a statement that encompasses an overall picture of your values and ethics. Are your values based on family, health, achievements, wealth, job success, happiness, faith, love, or anything else that you hold in great esteem?

My values are based on a combination of family, health, happiness, and faith. Family is the foundation of my life and I believe in prioritizing relationships over material possessions. I strive for excellent physical and mental health by making sure to get enough rest, exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, and practice positive self-talk. Happiness is something that we all deserve and should cultivate within ourselves; it is not something that can be found through external things or pressure from society. Lastly, faith allows me to have hope even when times are hard because I know that everything will work out in the end (Khan & Lagoze 2017).

I value being honest with myself as well as those around me; this includes speaking up about my needs while respecting others’ boundaries. Showing compassion is also an integral part of who I am – both toward myself and others – allowing us to connect more deeply with one another (Langford 2020). Additionally, living authentically means honoring what feels true to me rather than following societal standards that may not align with my inner truth. Finally, courageously embracing change allows me to stay open-minded towards the various possibilities available in everyday life.

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Develop a statement that encompasses an overall picture of your values and ethics. Are your values based on family, health, achievements, wealth, job success, happiness, faith, love, or anything else that you hold in great esteem?

Overall, these core values form a strong base for how I interact with the world around me every day – be it at home or at work. They go beyond simply providing guidance during difficult decisions but actually shape who I am as a person (Weng et al., 2019). This means taking personal responsibility for creating my own joy each day instead of relying on external sources such as job success or wealth. Focusing on love instead of fear has been paramount in helping me develop meaningful relationships with those closest to me while also maintaining respect for strangers even if they do not share the same views or beliefs as myself.

By holding onto these guiding principles throughout my life journey so far – family, health & wellness, happiness & authenticity, faith & change – they influence all aspects of how I live including how I interact with other people (Hughes et al., 2014). This value statement encompasses who I am today: someone striving for balance between being kind yet challenging themselves to take risks; honoring their passions while putting forth effort into achieving their goals; finding harmony between individual pursuits and collective connections; ultimately seeking peace amidst whatever chaos comes their way!

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