Posted: March 12th, 2023

Develop a research question on an authentic workplace* communication problem

What are the best practices for fostering effective communication between remote teams in distributed workplaces?

As technology advances, more organizations are turning to distributed workforces. This means that many employees are working from home or scattered across multiple offices and locations on a regular basis. While there are many advantages to this approach, it also presents a range of challenges when it comes to effective communication. To ensure that remote teams remain productive and connected in distributed workplaces, it is essential for managers and leaders to understand how best to foster effective communication between them.

Develop a research question on an authentic workplace* communication problem

This research question seeks to explore what strategies, techniques, and methods can be used by managers and leaders of remote teams in order to promote and facilitate successful team collaboration in dispersed work environments. Specifically, possible topics may include exploring the different technological tools available (e.g., video conferencing platforms) that can increase connectivity; examining the benefits of conducting regular status updates via instant messaging services; assessing employee preferences with regard to communication styles; investigating potential differences between virtual vs physical group meetings; exploring ways for creating an open dialogue amongst team members; as well as analyzing cultural concerns regarding time zones and language barriers.

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Furthermore, this research will aim to highlight best practices related directly with managing a remote workforce rather than approaches more focused on productivity or work-flow optimization which are common themes when discussing distributed workforces. The goal is not only uncovering useful guidelines for improving team cohesion but also finding concrete solutions for addressing any problems encountered along the way such as difficulty connecting due technical difficulties or lack of face-to-face interactions leading feeling disconnectedness.


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