Posted: March 13th, 2023

Determine three (3) major aspects that demonstrate Old and New World exchanges

The exchange of goods, ideas and culture between the Old World and New World is one of the most significant events in world history. This period of events dramatically shaped the society we live in today by introducing previously unknown foods, plants, animals and technology to each continent. As such there are three major aspects that best demonstrate Old and New World exchanges: agriculture, animal husbandry and cultural influence.

Agriculture was an essential part of these exchanges as it allowed for more efficient food production, improved nutrition levels and increased population growth on both sides. The introduction of crops from the Americas into Europe such as corn (Zea mays), potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) which had previously been unknown to European farmers revolutionized their diets and agricultural practices (Britto & Galvão-Sobrinho, 2018). Examples can also be seen where crops from Europe were introduced into America such as wheat (Triticum aestivum) which provided a much needed source of carbohydrates but was not compatible with American soil types or climatic conditions (Babu et al., 2015). In addition to expanded crop rotation practices this resulted in both continents becoming almost completely self-sufficient in terms of food production by the end of the 16th century.

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Determine three (3) major aspects that demonstrate Old and New World exchanges

Animal husbandry was another form of exchange during this period. Europeans brought their domesticated cattle species with them to North America including cows (Bos taurus), sheep (Ovis aries) and pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus). These animals provided meat, milk products as well as being used for labour purposes due to their stronger resistance to diseases compared with local American fauna at that time (Houlihan & Benzow, 2002). Americans also sent horses back across the Atlantic Ocean which quickly became popular throughout Europe due to their superior speed compared with existing native breeds – leading them to become fundamental tools for early exploration parties setting out around the globe during this era.

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Finally cultural influences between these two worlds played a role in shaping beliefs about religion, government systems and philosophy amongst many other topics resulting from intercontinental interactions through trade or conquest during those times . For example Native Americans adopted firearms , metal tools etc which replaced traditional methods increasing their hunting efficiency while Europeans incorporated music instruments from Latin America such as guitars creating new musical genres like Salsa . Different forms artistic expression where shared within both societies too sometimes using old techniques but now applied on different contexts giving birth what’s called Transculturation phenomena according Carneiro da Cunha(1998 ). Allowing us still today appreciate vast heritage left by all cultures involved even amalgamating those elements into own identities forming beautiful mosaic reflecting diversity found worldwide .

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