Posted: February 13th, 2023

Describe two situations in your own life (one verbal and one non-verbal) where you feel that you have communicated poorly. 

Verbal Situation:
During a meeting at work, I was asked to give my opinion on the proposed project. I had some reservations about the proposal and wanted to provide constructive feedback, but instead of making my point clear and concisely, I rambled on with ideas that weren’t relevant to the matter discussed. In addition, I was hesitant in expressing my opinions as I felt intimidated by other colleagues in the room who had more experience than me.

To enhance my communication in this situation, I could have taken a deep breath and made sure that when speaking up during meetings or discussions, I am communicating effectively by using verbal cues such as intonation and body language. Additionally, it would be beneficial for me to practice effective active listening techniques by actively engaging with those around me while continuing to speak what is on my mind without feeling pressured or uncomfortable. This can help create an environment that allows everyone’s ideas and opinions to be heard respectfully without fear of judgment or conflict. Furthermore, being mindful of intercultural communication dynamics could help avoid misunderstandings due to cultural differences which could arise from certain words or phrases used during conversations (e.g., colloquialisms).

Non-Verbal Situation:
In another situation from my life where poor communication occurred was when one day at work there were tensions between myself and a colleague over a disagreement we had regarding how to approach a task given from our supervisor. During this argument neither of us expressed our thoughts verbally as we just stood there looking angry; no eye contact was made either as both parties refused to make any effort towards resolving our issues with each other through non-verbal communication such gestures like facial expressions or hand movements.

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Combing verbal and non verbal communication: Describe two situations in your own life (one verbal and one non-verbal) where you feel that you have communicated poorly.

In order for me handle this dynamic better next time (or even in this situation), it would have been important for me focus on intrinsic aspects of non-verbal communication such as body language instead of allowing emotions like anger dictate how we interacted with each other without words exchanged between us two opposing parties. As advised by most professionals in non-verbal communication field, staying aware of your own body language when engaging others is necessary especially when disagreements arise so the person you are talking too can feel comfortable enough open up their thoughts about what happened which may lead them into explaining why they acted certain way leading up until now resulting into further understanding between both parties involved more efficiently compared if strict frictions remain present throughout conversation taking place.

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Moreover it has been suggested that approaching someone calmly while maintaining proper eye contact will allow individual express themselves freely since know they have safe place communicate without being judged harshly come conclusion discussion comes end eventually result positive outcome possible dispute within workplace current moment time past future moments occur appear similar manner discussed earlier here accordingly.

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