Posted: March 6th, 2023

Describe the Toyota Motor Corp. customer base. Does the company primarily serve businesses or individuals

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has established a global customer base over the years and is known for its commitment to quality, value, safety, and reliability. TMC produces vehicles for both business and individual use, ranging from mid-size sedans to heavy-duty trucks. The company creates innovative technology that makes it easier for customers to access information about their vehicles. Their vehicles are designed with energy efficiency in mind so they can help reduce emissions while still providing reliable performance.

The primary customer base of Toyota Motor Corporation is individuals rather than businesses. In 2018, consumers accounted for 90% of all sales made by TMC worldwide (Mizuno & Yamamoto 2020). Individuals have come to trust the reliability of Toyota cars as well as choose them due to their affordability and features such as fuel economy or advanced safety systems like blind spot monitoring or lane departure warning systems (LDS). However, Toyota does cater to businesses who often appreciate its commercial vans which offer space on top of an efficient engine that helps keep running costs down. Businesses may also be interested in one of the many hybrid models available from TMC including the Prius Prime or Camry Hybrid which offer superior fuel economy compared to traditional gasoline powered equivalents (Nelson 2019).

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Describe the Toyota Motor Corp. customer base. Does the company primarily serve businesses or individuals

The Japanese automaker has been able establish itself as a leader in automotive industry due in part efforts by focusing heavily on research and development; this work has allowed them create new products that meet the needs their customers both individual and corporate alike (Kotabe et al., 2017). Additionally invested heavily marketing campaigns targeted at specific demographic groups such young professionals or families looking more affordable options when purchasing car (Mizuno & Yamamoto 2020). This strategy enabled build brand loyalty among potential customers allowing remain competitive despite strong competition within market segment.

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Overall, Toyota Motor Corporation caters primarily individuals but offers solutions to businesses who need reliable yet practical transportation solutions that economical run maintain over time period. By investing research development marketing across multiple demographics company been able attract diverse customer making globally renowned name amongst car enthusiasts around world.

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