Posted: March 6th, 2023

Describe the last time you were asked to do more than your share of a task. What caused the situation and how did you deal with it?

The last time I was asked to do more than my share of a task happened at work when the rest of my team unexpectedly fell ill. All five members of the team had been assigned different tasks for an upcoming project, and everyone seemed to be on track with their respective tasks. As fate would have it, four days into the project three out of our five member team got sick almost simultaneously. This unfortunate circumstance caused a major imbalance in our workload as two members were no longer able to contribute their part which put immense pressure on me and the remaining teammate (Hansen, 2019).

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At first I was hesitant about taking up all those extra tasks but after discussing the matter with my boss we decided that this was the best course of action given our current situation (Giles, 2020). Even though I had no prior experience in completing these particular tasks, I did not let that stop me from pushing forward while trying my best to keep up with what was expected from me. To ensure success I set realistic goals for myself each day and allocated chunks of time throughout my day so that I could properly address every task without compromising too much on quality or quantity. This strategy allowed me to stay ahead and complete most tasks within deadlines without any problems arising due to exhaustion or stress related issues.

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Describe the last time you were asked to do more than your share of a task. What caused the situation and how did you deal with it?

Communication played a huge role in dealing with the situation effectively since timely updates allowed us to better manage expectations both internally and externally (Giles, 2020). It also helped me receive immediate feedback from key stakeholders which enabled me to adjust accordingly if anything went wrong initially. We ended up delivering everything within agreed timelines despite having only two working members instead of five initially planned for this project. In hindsight this incident taught me many valuable lessons such as knowing when it is appropriate take responsibility even if there is an added burden attached; how important communication is; setting realistic targets; understanding one’s limitations etc., All these made tackling unexpected challenges easier down line which helped increase overall efficiency both internally and externally by helping teams better prepare for uncertain situations .

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