Posted: February 13th, 2023

Describe the components of motivational interviewing.

Motivational interviewing is a communication technique that helps to engage individuals who are considering behavior change. It was developed by Dr. William Miller and Stephen Rollnick in the early 1980s, and has since become an effective tool for helping people make positive changes in their lives. This type of therapy encourages self-directed exploration of topics that are relevant to the individual’s goals, such as motivation, commitment to change, problem-solving skills and emotions associated with potential changes.

The four core components of motivational interviewing include expressing empathy, developing discrepancy, rolling with resistance and supporting self-efficacy. The therapist or health care provider works to maintain a supportive environment while eliciting change talk from the client.

Expressing Empathy: By expressing empathy through reflective listening techniques such as reflecting on emotion words or repeating back statements made by the client, it allows them to feel connected to their provider and be more open about their feelings regarding changing habits. Additionally, this can help build trust between patient/client and professional which is essential for facilitating successful conversations around potentially sensitive topics such as addiction recovery or lifestyle modifications related to health concerns like diabetes or obesity management.

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Developing Discrepancy: Developing discrepancy involves exploring a person’s values around making healthy choices versus unhealthy ones. For example if someone said they wanted to eat healthier but then went on about how much easier it is for them just grab fast food—the therapist would explore this discrepancy further so that person could gain insight into why their actions do not match up with their stated desires. This can lead them towards understanding where there may be inconsistencies in decision making within their life leading up those behaviors so they can figure out solutions for overcoming any obstacles they may face when trying reach specific goals set forth during treatment sessions or doctor visits etc

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Describe the components of motivational interviewing.

Roll With Resistance: People often confront barriers when attempting to make desired changers in life which can elicit strong emotional reactions including anger or frustration among many other possibilities based upon individual experience/background etc… When dealing with these moments “rolling with resistance” means being able to meet someone at whatever level of distress they have reached yet still remaining emotionally grounded enough yourself which will help increase dialogue resulting from a place of openness instead aggression usually building off core components discussed earlier .

Support Self-Efficacy: Support Self Efficacy refers encouraging clients believe in themselves; building confidence & reinforcing beliefs that striving toward healthier outcomes is achievable even if progress might come slow initially due factors beyond one’s control Likewise strengthening determination via affirmations & mindfulness practices can also help tremendously throughout course of treatment plus longterm results afterwards

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In conclusion Motivational Interviewing encompasses various aspects communication aimed at assisting participants push boundaries thought impossible prior learning new methods reclaim power over own decisions engendering greater autonomy & ultimately better quality living

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