Posted: March 12th, 2023

Describe personal ethical stances on each form of relativism in relation to own personal ethical system, including whether and how personal ethical system is compatible or incompatible with relativism.

Relativism is a philosophical position which holds that the truth of any moral statement or action can be determined only in relation to its context. This means that there is no absolute right or wrong and what may be right for one person may not necessarily be so for another. In this essay, I will discuss my personal ethical stances on two forms of relativism: Cultural Relativism and Subjective Relativism, in relation to my own personal ethical system.

Cultural relativism holds that truth is relative to cultures and societies; therefore, moral values vary from one culture to another (Gilligan, 1982). As an individual with strong roots in both Eastern and Western cultures, I have been exposed to different cultural beliefs regarding morality since childhood. My upbringing has led me to believe that each culture has its own set of rules and laws when it comes to ethics; however, these should never override universal values such as respect for human life. Therefore, while I may agree with certain aspects of cultural relativism because they are deeply embedded within my cultural identity, I also recognize the importance of upholding universal standards when making decisions about morality. In this sense, my personal ethical system is compatible with cultural relativism as long as it does not conflict with universal values.

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Describe personal ethical stances on each form of relativism in relation to own personal ethical system, including whether and how personal ethical system is compatible or incompatible with relativism.

Subjective relativism states that an individual’s opinion or point-of-view should determine the truthfulness of any moral statement (Berlin & Khader 2013). On one hand, I agree with this form of relativistic thinking due to its emphasis on individual autonomy – something which I strongly value in life. However, at the same time I recognize that subjective opinions can lead us astray if we become too preoccupied with our own thoughts without considering how our actions affect others around us. For example while someone might think their opinion on a controversial topic like abortion is justified by religion or tradition alone – without taking into account how such views impact those directly affected by it – this could prove harmful in practice (Tebbe et al., 2017). Therefore while subjective relativist thought can provide individuals more freedom over their decision-making process it must also take into consideration how these decisions will affect people beyond themselves; otherwise they risk creating harm instead of good. In terms of whether my personal ethical system is compatible or incompatible with subjective relativism; here again compatibility relies upon utilizing subjective thought responsibly whilst understanding potential consequences beyond oneself – something which supports rather than conflicts with my own personal ethical code .

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In conclusion then as outlined above; overall we see different degrees varying degrees between incompatibility and compatibility between both forms of Relativistic thinking discussed here – Cultural Relativism and Subjective Relativistism – compared against our own personal Ethical System . Yet ultimately whichever course we go down , responsibilty remains key factor espoused by either approach ; ensuring mutual respect for all involved parties regardlessyof surrounding contextual factors .

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