Posted: March 6th, 2023

Describe, in your opinion, how is criminal personality developed.

In today’s society, it is apparent that criminal behavior has become a pervasive issue. The notion of a “criminal personality” is one that has been heavily considered in recent years as research continues to examine why some individuals take part in illegal activities while others do not. Research suggests that the development of criminal personalities is likely to be determined by numerous psychological and environmental factors (Grotberg et al., 2018). In this paper, I will discuss how I believe a criminal personality is developed based on personal reflections and empirical research.

One factor which may contribute to the development of a criminal personality is socio-economic status. Individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to engage in crime due to limited opportunities for legal employment or leisure activities (Nee & West, 2004). Additionally, those with fewer financial resources may have increased exposure to other criminals which can influence their own behavior. For example, if someone spends time around peers who take part in illegal activities or have positive attitudes about them rather than negative ones then they may begin developing similar thoughts themselves (Lalumière & Quinsey, 2006). This creates an environment where the individual sees the benefits gained from engaging in illicit conduct outweighs any potential risks associated with it. Furthermore, those living in poverty often experience higher levels of stress and anxiety due to lack of resources which can lead people into committing crimes as an attempt at mitigating their feelings (Grotberg et al., 2018). Thus, socio-economic status appears to play an important role early on when forming habits and opinions about crime that could eventually shape one’s overall outlook towards it.

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Describe, in your opinion, how is criminal personality developed.

While social circumstances can impact individuals’ attitudes towards crime; certain cognitive processes also appear influential when discussing how criminal behaviors are formed over time. Individuals with lower impulse control tend to be more prone towards delinquency compared with their counterparts who possess better self-regulation skills (Reppucci & Woolard 2011). Some studies suggest these differences lie within neurological functioning between different types of offenders meaning such traits could be relatively stable throughout life (Raine et al., 2005). We might also observe tendencies among some juveniles where they display greater thrill seeking behaviors such as taking part in risky activities without fully considering the possible consequences associated with them first hand(Cauffman et al., 2000) . When combined together; these findings indicate both biological and psychological factors contribute significantly towards shaping how one acts regardless if they break laws or not..

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Overall evidence indicates multiple components serve as influencing factors contributing toward the formation of a criminal personality depending on each person’s unique situation and experiences growing up . Genetic predispositions can interact greatly with environmental pressures creating volatile environments for those lacking proper coping mechanisms or assistance needed for dealing with high levels stressors effectively(Farrington 2006:24) . Similarly; socioeconomic conditions present during childhood development often correlate strongly with future delinquent involvement potentially leading onto even further issues later down the line if left unchecked(Elliott 1983:68) . My opinion regarding this matter suggests that many aspects appearing unrelated individually all converge together ultimately resulting into something much larger than anticipated given enough time passed beforehand..

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