Posted: March 12th, 2023

Describe a religious life cycle event that you attended – baby naming, bar or bat mitzvah, Christening, wedding, or a funeral.

My family and I attended my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah a few years ago, which is the Jewish coming of age ceremony that marks a boy’s transition to adulthood. Technically, at 13 a Jewish boy is considered an adult in terms of religious obligations; however, the bar mitzvah celebration highlights this momentous occasion.

The event took place at our local synagogue over two days – on Shabbat (the Sabbath) and again the following evening for a celebratory dinner with my extended family. During the morning service, candles were lit and prayers were read from the Torah as usual but then we moved towards more special aspects of the ceremony like singing blessings for my cousin’s success in his studies and reciting specific verses from Deuteronomy related to his responsibilities as an adult Jew. My cousin was also called up to read sections of Torah aloud — something he had been studying many months before! It was amazing to watch him take part in such an important tradition and so confidently recite verses that most cannot remember without help (Friedman, 2013).

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Describe a religious life cycle event that you attended – baby naming, bar or bat mitzvah, Christening, wedding, or a funeral.

Afterwards there was a Kiddush luncheon during which our Rabbi spoke about what it means to become an adult within Judaism — how we are all responsible for upholding God’s commandments as best we can – regardless of age or experience level. We shared wine together symbolizing joy and studied some more passages from scripture closely related to his personal situation. That night was filled with music entertainment and great food made by members of our family — including traditional dishes like matzo ball soup (my favorite!).

At the end of each day speeches were given by elders in attendance who offered their wisdom on what it means to live life through faith based values while making sound decisions that honor one’s beliefs — especially when times get tough (Lipsky & Lipsky-Rubin, 2000). It was inspiring being able to learn directly from people who have lived life through these principles year after year. All-in-all it was truly meaningful experience that brought out both joyful moments and deep reflection—a perfect way for us gather together not only celebrate my cousin’s passage into adulthood but also reaffirm our own commitment living religiously honoring lives.

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