Posted: February 16th, 2023

Demonstrate critical thinking regarding what you think is the most significant environmental health problem we face today

Environmental health is a field of study that focuses on the interactions between human beings and our environment. It looks at how various aspects of the environment – such as air, water, soil, climate change, and energy production – can affect individual and public health. Over the past few decades, many environmental health issues have emerged across the globe. From air pollution to water contamination to hazardous waste disposal, there are no shortage of pressing matters that need attention from policy makers and individuals alike.

Of all these environmental health problems facing us today, one stands out in particular: climate change. Climate change is a global phenomenon resulting from human activities like burning fossil fuels for electricity generation or transportation purposes releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which leads to an increase in average temperatures worldwide (National Geographic). This warming trend has been occurring over long periods of time; however it has been accelerated by humans’ actions up until now leading to catastrophic consequences including rising sea levels due to melting ice caps and glaciers, more extreme weather events such as floods or drought in certain areas, increased ocean acidification damaging aquatic ecosystems beyond repair among others (NASA). The World Health Organization estimates that between 2030–2050 climate-change will be responsible for 250 000 additional deaths annually due solely to increases in malnutrition, malaria vectorial capacity and other infectious diseases (WHO).

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The magnitude of this problem cannot be understated given its implications both within a local and global scale; we are currently witnessing first hand what happens when Earth’s systems become destabilized leading not only to significant physical damage but also psychological distress affecting people living near exposed areas especially those located in poorer nations where resources tend to be scarce making them particularly vulnerable against these threats (NCBI). Furthermore loss associated with extreme weather events tends to hit minority populations harder due their lack access financial security or social networks provide aid during times crisis according scholars at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Demonstrate critical thinking regarding what you think is the most significant environmental health problem we face today

Moreover impoverished communities are most likely exposed higher levels pollutants related mining operations deforestation industrialization processes worsening already precarious situations even further since they may experience disproportionally high rates chronic illness respiratory problems cancer cardiovascular disease reproductive abnormalities etc caused by toxins present surrounding vicinity increasing risk severe diseases lethal infections developing countries specially those suffering food insecurity famine conflict thus facing double challenge managing everyday needs whilst finding ways combat global warming threat before too late prevent natural disasters man made catastrophes taking place followed rising temperatures sea levels world wide destroying habitats polluting waters killing wildlife contaminating air putting life jeopardy planet totality

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Ultimately when looking critical thinking about most significant environmental health problem we face today answer appears quite clear: climate change immense difficulties poses humanity threatens entire species actually transforming planet destruction resource depletion loss biodiversity et cetera pushing boundaries limits adaptation ability survival rendering difficult find solutions current dilemma if nothing done soon worse effects will certainly follow leaving hard task fixing mark left behind destruction later generations suffer consequence inaction today’s society amid warnings concerning urgency action implementation preventive measures creating regulations raising awareness educating public changing course current trajectory towards irreversible path destruction ultimately creating sustainable future safe healthy world livable better tomorrow everyone

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